Professor Elvang on a field trip with her most junior student.

Professor Henriette Elvang was selected for a College of Literature, Science, and Arts (LSA) 2017 John Dewey Award in recognition of her ongoing commitment to the education of undergraduate students. Professor Elvang ongoing contributions to the Department of Physics, especially in the work she has accomplished with Honors Physics III and the incorporation of “learning-by-explaining” pedagogical techniques earned her the award.

“We all expressed admiration for the thoughtful quality of your teaching statement, your well-designed courses, and the stellar evaluations you have received from undergraduates. The committee was equally enthusiastic about your obvious dedication to enriching the graduate curriculum,” said LSA Dean Andrew D. Martin.

The College takes great pleasure in naming a very small number of Dewey Award winners, noting their particular distinction among the strong group of faculty members recommended for promotion from associate to full professor with tenure. Dewey winners are considered to model the full range of John Dewey’s own considerable talents: scholarly productivity, provision of leadership, and engagement with and care for students.

The John Dewey Award consists of a prize of $10,000 and a certificate acknowledging Professor Elvang’s achievements in undergraduate teaching.