U-M Physics senior Noah McNeal has been awarded the prestigious Marshall Scholarship to pursue graduate studies at any university and any field of his choice in the United Kingdom during the upcoming academic year. He is the University of Michigan's 9th Marshall Scholarship winner.

For McNeal, winning the Marshall Scholarship represented a unique opportunity to pursue his interest in public policy and its intersections with science and technology. McNeal, who is planning on attending the University of Sussex, said he has been fascinated with physics and mathematics since high school but hopes the scholarship will allow him to indulge in other interests as well.

You may read the full story in The Michigan Daily.

Noah McNeal was also awarded a Barry Goldwater Scholarship earlier this year. He is the President of the Society of Physics Students.
In the summer of 2017 he preformed research at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
He worked on the KOTO experiment with me and Monica.
In summer 2018 he did research at J-PARC and was mentored by Brian Beckford.