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      1. Physics Grad Kate Miller Featured in Physics in Your Future APS Brochure
      2. Gravitational waves: U-M physicists involved in second detection
      3. The Hunt for Dark Matter Continues: PandaX Reaches World’s Best Sensitivity
      4. Stars Burning Strangely Make Life in the Multiverse More Likely
      5. Physics Professor Gordon Kane Awarded 2017 APS J. J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics
      6. U-M Astrophysicist Katherine Freese Explains the Search for the Universe’s ‘Dark Stars’
      7. New Dwarf Planet Solar System’s 2nd Most Distant
      8. Physicist David Gerdes and Team Find New Dwarf Planet In Our Solar System
      9. Professor Keith Riles – Member of LIGO Team
      10. Researchers Invent New Material that can Switch Between Being Hard and Soft
      11. The 2017 Physics Commencement Live Event
      12. Physics Professors Receive MURI Grant
      13. Alec Josaitis Recently Awarded International Institute and Rackham Graduate School Individual Research Fellowship
      14. Dr. Priyashree Roy Earns 2016 Jefferson Science Associates (JSA) Thesis Prize
      15. LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves for Third Time
      16. U-M Physics Alum Alex Nitz Helps Detect Colliding Black Holes in Space
      17. Professor Henriette Elvang Selected for a College of Literature, Science, and Arts John Dewey Award
      18. Professor Gordon Kane Quoted in "Yearning for New Physics at CERN, in a Post-Higgs Way"
      19. Professor Rachel Goldman and Team Develop Technique which Could Boost Efficiency of LED Lighting by 50 Percent and May Pave the Way for Invisibility Cloaking Devices
      20. Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of dark matter structure in the universe
      21. Professor David Gerdes Featured in USA Today Solar Eclipse Article
      22. U-M Physics Research Fellow Bachana Lomsadze and Professor Steven Cundiff Develop Novel Spectroscopy Technique that Could Revolutionize Chemical Detection
      23. Kip S. Thorne, Winner of 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics, Has U-M Physics Connections
      24. LIGO and Virgo Make First Detection of Gravitational Waves Produced By Colliding Neutron Stars
      25. Leinweber Foundation Gives $8M for Physics Center in U-M Department of Physics
      26. Four U-M Physics Faculty Named Fellows
      27. Michigan Fireball Meteor Registers As Quake: Astrophysicist David Gerdes Quoted
      28. Professor Fred Adams Quoted in Science News Article
      29. A Modern Rutherford Experiment: Scientists Use Known Energy Neutrinos to Study Nucleus
      30. It's Givin' Me Excitations: U-M Study Uncovers First Steps of Photosynthesis
      31. UM Astrophysicist David Gerdes and Team in the Hunt for Planet 9
      32. U-M Physics Professor Franco Nori Makes 2017 Highly Cited Researchers List
      33. U-M Society of Physics Students Talk STEM and More
      34. The 2018 Physics Commencement Live Event
      35. Professor Timothy McKay Reveals His Science Journey in Recent Podcast
      36. Physics Students Tali Khain and Noah McNeal Awarded Goldwater Scholarships
      37. Homer A. Neal 1942-2018
      38. The Higgs Boson Reveals Its Love for the Top Quark
      39. Physics Rev E Celebrates 'Milestone Articles' of Physics Faculty
      40. Physics Graduate Benjamin Isaacoff Awarded Optical Society of America's Guenther Congressional Fellowship
      41. Professor Katherine Freese and Team's Hunt for Dark Matter Turns to Ancient Minerals
      42. Professor Benjamin Safdi Awarded DOE’s Early Career Award
      43. Professor Christine Aidala Serves on National Academy Committee Endorsing Science Case for Electron-Ion Collider
      44. U-M Physicist Lu Li Cracks Code on Material that Works as Both Conductor, Insulator
      45. U-M Physicist Wins Nobel Prize
      46. New Physics Faculty Member Dominika Zgid
      47. Astrophysicist Katherine Freese Quoted in Astronomy Magazine
      48. Physicist Jennifer Ogilvie and Team Are Shedding New Light on Photosynthesis
      49. Professors Hui Deng and Mack Kira Named 2019 Fellows of the Optical Society
      50. Four Physics Faculty Named 2018 Fellows of the American Physical Society
      51. Four Physics Faculty Awarded American Physical Society Honors
      52. Gas-Detecting Laser Device Gets an Upgrade
      53. U-M Physicists Roberto Merlin, Meredith Henstridge and Team Develop Small Device that Bends Light to Generate New Radiation
      54. Physics Alum Larry Curtiss and Faculty Advisors Devised Contraption That Lead to Fiber Optics
      55. Michigan Physics Welcomes LSA Collegiate Postdoctoral Fellow Camille Avestruz
      56. Support Michigan Physics on Giving Blueday!
      57. Physicist Timothy Chupp Named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
      58. U-M Physics Senior Noah McNeal Awarded Marshall Scholarship
      59. Astrophysicist Katherine Freese and Colleague’s Latest Theory About Dark Stars Made Astronomy Magazine's Cover Story
      60. First Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Fellows Named by Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics
      61. Physics Graduate Student Awarded 2018-2019 Rackham International Student Fellowship
      62. Professor David Gerdes Named Next Physics Department Chair
      63. Three U-M Physicists Make Highly Cited Researchers 2018 List
      64. State of Michigan Governor Declares February 28, 2019: Chirped Pulse Amplification Day
      65. Physicist Dragan Huterer Receives Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award
      66. Physicist Sharon Glotzer Elected to National Academy of Engineering
      67. Professor Rachel Goldman Elected Vice Chair of Division of Materials Physics
      68. Physicist Liuyan Zhao Awarded NSF CAREER Award
      69. Physicist Henriette Elvang Awarded Thurnau Professorship
      70. Physics Senior Sophie Barterian Earns Prestigious Luce Scholarship
      71. Electric Dipole Moments and the Search for the Origin of Matter
      72. Three Physics Graduate Students Named Recipients of 2019-2020 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
      73. Professor Christine Aidala receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to Italy
      74. Professor August Evrard's Problem Roulette Tool Recently Awarded Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize
      75. Five U-M Physics Faculty Recently Promoted
      76. Professor Steven Cundiff Discusses Quantum Information Science at the White House
      77. Professor Stephen Forrest named Henry Russel Lecturer for 2020
      78. Physicist Roy Clarke and International Team Devise Way to Show How Common Elements Can Make a More Energy-Secure Future
      79. Professor Jens-Christian Meiners Receives Grant to Tackle the Bends
      80. Graduate Student Summer Fellows Named by Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics
      81. Professor Christine Aidala Wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
      82. U-M Physics Professor Wins Fundamental Physics Innovation Award
      83. 2019 U-M Physics Graduate Wins American Physical Society LeRoy Apker Award
      84. Pushing boundaries: Nobel prize winner on science literacy and lasers
      85. DESI opens its 5,000 eyes to capture the colors of the cosmos
      86. Team at U-M Sheds Light on New Electromagnetic Ordering
      87. LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Detector Moved Nearly a Mile Underground
      88. Support Michigan Physics on Giving Blueday
      89. Six U-M Physics Students Awarded Competitive National Fellowships
      90. Professor Liuyan Zhao Wins Prestigious Air Force Young Investigator Research Program (YIP) Award
      91. Two Graduate Students Awarded Prestigious Department of Energy Fellowships
      92. Electron-Ion Collider, a New Nuclear Physics Facility, to Be Built at Brookhaven National Laboratory
      93. Physicist David Gerdes Quoted in Michigan News Article Regarding How COVID-19 Disrupts Research Projects
      94. Physicist Ben Safdi and Research Team Provide Another Twist in the Dark Matter Story
      95. U-M Physics Faculty Member Named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
      96. Professor Xiaoming Mao Awarded $7.5M Grant to Bring Metamaterial to Life
      97. Now Complete, Telescope Instrument is Poised to Begin Its Search for Answers About Dark Energy
      98. Celebrating Our Undergraduate Awardees
      99. Celebrating Our Graduate Awardees
      100. U-M Senior’s COVID-19 Data Model Reaches CDC
      101. Physics Grad Student Rory Fitzpatrick and Professor Josh Spitz Shed Light on Electron Neutrino Interactions
      102. Professors Bjoern Penning and Marcelle Soares-Santos Highlighted in Physics Today Article
      103. U-M Physics Awarded $7.1 Million on Project to Upgrade the ATLAS Experiment
      104. When Dancers and Aliens Overlap
      105. Physicist David Lubensky and Team Determine Stress Fibers Help Cells Keep Their Shape—and May Also Regulate Size, During Development
      106. "Physics: A Resounding Legacy" - A Tribute to Patron Norman E. Barnett
      107. Physics Professor Joshua Spitz, Graduate Student Johnathon Jordan, and Research Team Propose Using Ancient Minerals from Deep within Earth’s Crust to Measure Cosmic Radiation
      108. U-M Physics Professors Byron Roe and Joshua Spitz Part of Collaboration to Search for New Physics
      109. Physics Grad Student Christopher Dessert Part of Team Researching X-Rays from Neutron Stars Which Could Lead to Discovery of New Particle
      110. Assistant Professor Liuyan Zhao Awarded a Prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship
      111. Assistant Professor Marcelle Soares-Santos Named 2021 Cottrell Scholar
      112. U-M Physicists Part of Study that Finds Unexpected Antimatter Asymmetry in the Proton
      113. Physics Graduate Student Kevin Napier is Lead Author on New Paper Casting Doubt on ‘Planet Nine’
      114. Physics Undergraduate Jiani Fei Proposes Solution to Quantum Field Theory Problem
      115. Physicists Hui Deng, Steve Forrest, and Research Team Discover “Egg Carton” Quantum Dot Array Could Lead to Ultralow Power Devices
      116. U-M Physics Group Led by Professor Tim Chupp Joins in Announcement of Stronger Evidence of New Physics Revealed by Fermilab's Muon g-2 Experiment
      117. U-M Physics Professors Roberto Merlin, Gregory Tarlé, and Graduate Student Noah Green Help Create Novel Optical Physics Method to Measure the Expansion of the Universe
      118. Physicist Christine Aidala Featured in LSA Magazine’s Spring 2021 Edition
      119. Dr. Melissa Hutcheson, Professor Myron Campbell and Research Team Find Possible Deviation from the Standard Model of Physics
      120. U-M Physics Professor Lu Li, Dr. Kuan-Wen Chen, Dr. Ziji Xiang and Research Teams Reveal a New State of Matter in Kondo Insulator
      121. Physicist Jennifer Ogilvie, Assistant Research Scientist Yin Song, and Researchers Trace Path of Light in Photosynthesis
      122. Successful Start of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, Its ‘Eyes’ Designed by U-M Physicist Gregory Tarlé and Research Team
      123. Dark Energy Survey Releases Most Precise Look at Universe's Evolution
      124. Celebrating our 2021 Graduate Awardees!
      125. Physics Collegiate Fellow Eric Spanton Talks ‘Weird Science’
      126. An Inconstant Hubble Constant? U-M Research Suggests Fix to Cosmological Cornerstone
      127. ATLAS Provided the First Observation of the Triboson WWW Process
      128. 1985 Nobel laureate Klaus von Klitzing gives 29th annual Ta-You Wu lecture
      129. The Wow Moment, Remote
      130. MicroBooNE Experiment’s First Results Show No Hint of a Sterile Neutrino
      131. Magnets with a Twist: U-M Physics Researchers Liuyan Zhao and Her Team Engineer Magnetic Complexity into Atomically Thin Magnets
      132. Dr. Melissa Hutcheson Wins APS Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Dissertation Award in Experimental Particle Physics
      133. UM Physicists Michael Schubnell, Gregory Tarlé and Team Part of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Which Creates Largest 3D Map of the Cosmos
      134. Michigan Physics graduate Students Make Key Contributions to Experimental Results
      135. U-M Physics Researcher Co-Chairs Ballistic Missile Defense Report
      136. Congratulations to Physicist David Lubensky Awarded a 2022 Simons Fellowship
      137. Please Donate Today (March 17) to the Undergraduate Support Fund for Giving Blueday!
      138. What’s Inside a Black Hole? U-M Physicist Enrico Rinaldi Uses Quantum Computing, Machine Learning to Find Out
      139. Dr. Sangmin Choi Recipient of Honorable Mention in Rackham’s 2021 ProQuest Dissertation Awards
      140. U-M Physics Alum Lia Merminga Appointed Director of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
      141. Physics and Astronomy Senior Anna Simpson One of Five Students to Win Prestigious 2022 Goldwater Scholarship!
      142. Congratulations to Mark Newman on His Election to the Royal Society
      143. U-M Renames Randall Laboratory Addition After Pioneering Physicist Homer A. Neal
      144. Congratulations to Anna Simpson, U-M's 2022 Astronaut Scholar!
      145. Michigan Physics Welcomes Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Scholars to Ann Arbor Campus
      146. Successful Startup of Particle Detector Aims to Pin Down Dark Matter
      147. U-M Researchers Untangle the Physics of High-Temperature Superconductors
      148. Live From the International Space Station, It’s Saturday Morning Physics
      149. A team of researchers—Robert McGehee and Aaron Pierce of U-M Physics and Gilly Elor of Johannes Gutenberg University—proposed a new candidate for dark matter: HYPER, or “HighlY Interactive ParticlE Relics.”
      150. A Special Thank You to Navy Captain Josh Cassada and to NASA!
      151. Physicist Gregory Tarlé and Team, Find First Observational Evidence Linking Black Holes to Dark Energy
      152. Support Michigan Physics on Giving Blueday!
      153. $18M to advance materials research for quantum computing, sustainable plastics and more
      154. Michigan Physicists and Collaborators New Muon Result Explores Uncharted Territory in Search for New Physics
      155. U-M Physicist Joshua Spitz Receives 2023 Experimental Physics Investigator Award
      156. The Universe Caught Suppressing Cosmic Structure Growth
      157. U-M Collaboration to Receive DOE Grant to Diversify Physics
      158. Five Physics Researchers From U-M Named American Physical Society Fellows
      159. Thank You for Your Help Supporting Women in Physics!
      160. It Happened at Michigan — ‘You’ve got to be excellent’
      161. Physics Student Sanil Mittal awarded STEM Research Career Award!
      162. U-M Astronomer: Get to the path of April's total solar eclipse
      163. Thank You for Supporting Michigan Physics on Giving Blueday!
      164. U-M Physics Department Franco Nori Named 2024 Charles Hard Townes Medal Recipient
      165. U-M Anatol Rapoport Distinguished University Professor of Physics Mark Newman Named 2024 Leo P. Kadanoff Prize Recipient
      166. A New Measurement of the Expansion History of the Universe
      167. Physics Ph.D. Candidate and Professor Honored with Willie Hobbs Moore Awards
      168. U-M study: Using ‘tweezers’ to control active fluids
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