Faye Jackson (BS 2023) received the 2024 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student at the 2024 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Fransicso. The prize is made jointly by the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). She is profiled in a recent edition of MAA Focus. While an undergaduate at UM, Jackson worked on a wide range of topics in combinatorics and number theory. She discovered and theoretically explained several new and unexpected phenomena in analytic number theory. She has coauthored eight research papers, four of which have already been published or accepted in journals such as Journal of Number Theory, Discrete and Computational Geometry, and The Fibonacci Quarterly. Congratulations Faye!