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Graduate Students

Sara Abou Rashed
GSI/Graduate Student/MFA in Poetry
Anna Almore
Graduate Student and Graduate Student Instructor
Tisch 3023A
Jasmine An
Graduate Student/English & Women's Studies
Daphna Atias
Graduate Student/L&L
James Barton
Graduate Student/MFA GSI
Chandrica Barua
Graduate Student/Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)
Annette Beauchamp
Rackham Merit Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in the Joint Program in English and Education
Angell Hall: 3266
Megan Behrend
Graduate Student/L&L
3030 Tisch Hall
Leila Braun
PR & Alumni Relations Coordinator
Alyse Campbell
Graduate Student, Joint Program in English and Education | GSI
Sean Julia Civale
Graduate Student Instructor/MFA in Fiction
Emily Coccia
PhD Candidate in English and Women's & Gender Studies
Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz
2019 MFA Alumni / Zell Fellow
Zoey Dorman
Graduate Student/L&L
3045 Tisch Hall
Carlina Duan
Doctoral Student / GSI
Online via Zoom, please email me.
Luiza Duarte Caetano
Graduate Student/Comp. Lit
Tisch Hall 3071
Dejan Duric
Graduate Student/American Culture
Tisch Hall 3069
Raquel Escobar
Graduate Student/English and Women's & Gender Studies
Derek Frasure
Graduate Student Instructor
3023C Tisch Hall
Marquise Griffin
Graduate Student/English and Education
Michael Hoffman
Doctoral Candidate, Joint Program in English & Education
Mason Jabbari
GS Instructor / English Language and Literature
Kweku John
Post Graduate Zell Fellow- Helen Zell Writers' Program
Christopher Kingsland
Graduate Student/E&E
3023D Tisch hall
Michaela Kotziers
Graduate Student, English and Women’s and Gender Studies
Amanda Kubic
Graduate Student/Comp. Lit
3023G Tisch Hall
Naitnaphit Limlamai
Graduate Student Instructor; Graduate Student Research Assistant
4204 School of Education Building (SEB)
Vincent Longo
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Aleksandra Marciniak
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Elizabeth McNeill
Graduate Student/Sweetland Fellow
Anaridia R. Molina
Doctoral Candidate/Graduate Student Instructor, English Department Writing Program​
3025 Tisch Hall
Dylan Ogden
Graduate Student/Linguistics
Sydney Owada
Graduate Student Instructor/L&L
Tisch 3085
Joy Peltier
Graduate Student/Linguistics
Alaina Perez
English and Education Graduate Student/E&E
Kamaria Porter
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Jody Rust
English and Education Graduate Student
TBD per student needs once classes begin
Emily Saidel
Graduate Student/Sweetland
Gurkirat Sekhon
Graduate Student: English and Women's and Gender Studies
A. Shaikh
Graduate Student/MFA in Poetry
Lauren Sirota
Graduate Student/L & L
Michelle Sprouse
English and Education PhD Candidate,Graduate Student Instructor
3071 Tisch Hall
Yeshua G. B. Tolle
Graduate Student / L&L / Endelman Fellow in Judaic Studies
Angell Hall 5207
Melissa Valerie
Graduate Student, Joint Program in English and Education; Graduate Student Instructor
Sarah Van Cleve
PhD Candidate in English Language & Literature
Kathryn Van Zanen
Doctoral Student, Joint Program in English and Education; Graduate Student Instructor
5207 Angell Hall
Catherine Ventura
Doctoral Student in the Joint Ph.D. Program in English and Education;Graduate Student Instructor in the English Department Writing Program
David Joez Villaverde
Senior Assistant Adjunct in the Hermeneutics of Poesy
3087 Tisch Hall
Matthew Wamser
Zell Fellow (Fiction)/GSI
Ashley Whitaker
3017 Tisch Hall
Emily Wilson
Graduate Student/E&E
Rachel Wilson
PhD Candidate GSI/L&L
3091 Tisch Hall
Riley Wilson
Graduate Student Instructor/L&L
3266 Angell Hall (fully online Fall 2020)
Kelsey Wiora
Graduate Student Instructor/Zell Fellow, Fiction
Adelay Witherite
Doctoral Candidate, Joint Ph.D. Program in English and Education
Emily Zhao
Graduate Student/Fiction MFA