The ELI Student Spotlight series is designed to highlight students who demonstrate outstanding commitment and enthusiasm in ELI courses.

Meet Yunhee Kim! Yunhee was nominated for the Fall 2023 ELI Student Spotlight by Anna A. Eddy for her work in the ELI 531 Language and Communication class. Anna reports that Yunhee brings positive energy to every session. She openly shares her opinions and welcomes conversations on different topics. Yunhee diligently completes the assignments and participates in group activities with humor and enthusiasm. Congratulations, Yunhee!

Name: Yunhee Kim

Hometown: Seoul

Country: South Korea

Degree Program: Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists

What inspired you to take a class at the English Language Institute?

I wanted to not only speak English but also understand the American way of thinking and culture. Former fellows strongly recommended ELI classes for this purpose.

What have you enjoyed the most about your class? Why?

We talk about ‘me’ and ‘my country’ to understand Americans and American culture. Does this sound strange? But by sharing each other's stories, we can fully understand our differences and similarities. I really enjoyed this work.

What exciting project are you working on in your degree program?

I am working here on strengthening Korean presidential election coverage in a hyper-polarized political climate. Political polarization has reached troubling levels in South Korea, fueled by bitter campaigns, disinformation and manipulation of the press. My research will focus on similar trends in American politics and journalism and how American news organizations are developing strategies for bolstering journalistic integrity and public trust.

What do you hope to do after graduating from Michigan?

When I finish my fellowship and return to Korea, I will probably be preparing for another election. At that time, I would like to share the results of my research with my fellow Korean reporters. Of course, I can't give them a perfect answer, but it will be a good starting point for other reporters to think about better journalism.

What advice would you give to other international students at U-M?

Living in unfamiliar Michigan is not easy. However, at ELI, I can meet friends who have similar concerns as me. Through many group activities, we build friendships and can face challenges together. If you have the chance, I would say definitely take an ELI class.