The ELI Student Spotlight series is designed to highlight students who demonstrate outstanding commitment and enthusiasm in ELI courses.

Meet Noor Klait! Noor was nominated by her instructor Judy Dyer for her excellent work in ELI 390, and ELI 534 completing 20 hours of services under the mentorship of Trisha Dowling. Trisha commented that Noor really cared about the students and pushed them to improve every week. Noor had taught writing to 30 Spanish speaking 7th grade students in Santa Fe through a non-profit the summer before, and showed deep understanding of English learners. She is also a very committed and enthusiastic champion of social justice, volunteering as a food bank coordinator and resource navigator at a human services agency in Detroit.

Name: Noor Klait

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Degree Program: Undergraduate in Sociology and Education


What inspired you to take a class at the English Language Institute?

I took ELI 390 with Judy Dyer to better understand the systemic, social, and academic pressures non-native English speakers face in America. As a future educator, this course was formative in learning to embrace students' linguistic capital and lived experiences in the class environment and pedagogy. I also wanted to be in a space where linguistic diversity and resilience are celebrated, and the ELI does just that!


What have you enjoyed the most about your experience with ELI's resources? Why?

ELI resources are designed with the intention of meeting and supporting students' needs and allowing them to make the most of their experience at Michigan. I loved meeting new people, learning from their experiences and bonding over our shared ones.


What do you hope to do after graduating from Michigan?

I hope to be an English teacher and continue teaching around the world! At some point, I would love to contribute to the movement of education for liberation by pursuing a graduate degree and exploring how language can reinforce or transcend systems of oppression within the sphere of education.


What advice would you give to other international students at U-M?

The ELI community is a warm, welcoming, and genuine community that I encourage all students alike to be a part of. Regardless of your comfortability with English, we are all learners, with valuable insights and experiences to contribute, and that is truly felt within the ELI community, where students care for one another.