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Economics Investment Club (EIC)

The Economics Investment Committee is the Department of Economics’ premier
investment club. Through weekly market updates, weekly stock pitch groups,
professional development workshops, education in financial basics and popular
concepts, and renown guest lecturers, EIC empowers its members to apply their
Economics education to the real world. We are a tight-knit and supportive
community of students passionate about economics and finance, and support our
members through their professional development and career search. 

Our Portfolio and Approach

We manage a $10,000 paper account with the goal of outperforming the S&P 500.
We invest in everything from blue chip companies, to sector ETFs, unique stocks,
and other assets. As a Committee, EIC votes on new investments as a group every
week. Following market updates, members collectively develop an investment
thesis to test the next week based on current events and trends observed in the
market. Weekly stock pitch groups are assembled to research this thesis and give
their best stock pitch to be put up for a vote.
Additionally, members are sorted into three distinct economic sectors with a few
focus every semester. These Sector Groups will meet outside of the regular EIC
meetings to track and discuss a particular economic sector throughout the semester
and present their findings to the committee. At the end of the semester, the Sector
Groups will have an enhanced understanding of a unique area of the economy and
assemble an extended pitch based on their semester-long findings. 


The New Member Experience and Education

There is no prior knowledge or experience in finance to join! All new members will
experience a comprehensive introduction to finance curriculum, covering
everything from basic concepts, comparable metrics, different modeling approaches,
and professional development. New members will be lead by experienced members
in their weekly stock pitch groups and Sector groups and be fully immersed in the
research and decision making process for the portfolio. 
In addition to New Member Education, we host weekly educational presentations at
the end of meetings on interesting economic and financial concepts, from
cryptocurrency to the Federal Reserve. Additionally, we host talented guest
speakers every semester to expand our perspectives and learn from experts in the
field. EIC is the perfect experience for anyone who wants to learn about finance,
apply their economics education, and prepare for a career in the business world!

If you are interested in joining, apply via this Google Form. Please submit your resume as well as short responses to a few prompts about finance, business, and economics. Selected applicants will move onto a round of interviews, and then upon evaluation, be offered a spot on the Committee. 


Professional Development 

One of our top priorities is helping members to leverage their Economics education
in the recruiting process. We host cover letter and resume reviews, networking
workshops, career path presentations, and alumni panels to prepare our members
for successful applications and to explore different careers in finance, consulting,
and other economics related fields. We have extremely successful and supportive
alumni who are willing to meet with members and be resources throughout the
recruiting process. Whether it be learning the basics to prepare for interviews,
brushing up on your professional communication skills, or providing resources to
learn more about potential careers, EIC helps its members to find success beyond
the classroom.