The PhD program is delighted to announce that Ms. Gretchen Lay was awarded a Pre-doctoral Fellowship for 2015 from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) for her dissertation proposal: “The Impact of Private Pension Design on Macroeconomic Aggregates through the Decisions of Workers and Firms.” 

This award was granted to three other students: Wei Huang (Harvard), Jennifer Kwok (UC-Berkeley) and Corina Mommaerts (Yale).  This NBER fellowship provides up to $12,000 in tuition support and a $25,000 in stipend support.  Gretchen will also be hosted in Cambridge, MA at the NBER Summer Institute in Labor Studies and Aging.

Gretchen entered the PhD program in 2010 after working as a Research Assistant for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Previously, she graduated from Grinnell College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Mathematics.

Congratulations Gretchen on this amazing award!