From access to engaged learning opportunities with the LSA Opportunity Hub and optiMize, to funding opportunities through the LSA Scholarships office, to a dedicated space for LSA transfer students — the new LSA Building is all about student access. 

The 45,000 square foot addition was designed by lauded architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, who designed the famous Apple Store in NYC. The new space includes a state of the art team-based learning classroom; 12 interview rooms for employers to meet with students; a lounge for LSA alum and employer guests; an event space: a self-serve 24/7 food and beverage market; a prayer/meditation/wellness room, and the best part — expanded footprint for students to study, hangout, eat, and rest.

How the Hub impacts LSA students

The fulcrum of the student Hub experience is coaching. Master’s-level coaches are available from Monday to Friday (see drop-in coaching hours) to work with students on their resumes, cover letters, grad school applications, internship searches, and any other career-related activities. 

Internships have been synonymous with the Hub since its early days. Once the core of the Hub’s work, the Hub Internship Program is one of many ways the Hub serves students. It is a collection of high-quality, curated internships that are designed specifically for LSA students. These foundational opportunities are paired with industry-specific programming and guided professional development to support students’ pursuit of their career goals. 

The Hub instructional team offers three courses, aimed at different development stages of a student’s professional identity. ALA 125 is helpful for students earlier in their career planning or are about to embark on internships; ALA 225 provides valuable reflection exercises and guidance during a student’s internship; and lastly, ALA 325 is geared towards juniors and seniors as they prepare to take steps after graduation

Student-driven connections to alum and employers is led by the Hub’s Alumni and Employer Engagement team. They develop, cultivate, and grow relationships with alum and employers to source on-campus and regionally-specific applied (internships) learning opportunities which are exclusive to undergraduate LSA students. Events include the popular Alumni Connections, where alums return to campus to talk about their career paths or a specific topic (like travel and lifestyle journalism or energy law) and answer student questions in small to large groups. Recently launched is the Hub’s Employer Presents series. Last semester, Airbnb led a content strategy workshop, allowing students to explore their interest in a similar role or organization. 

Finally, through the efforts of the mentorship team, the Hub is slated to launch LSA Connect in fall of 2020. LSA Connect is an online community where students can receive professional guidance from experienced mentors and build enduring relationships that can have long-term impact on career outcomes.

The LSA Opportunity Hub — working with LSA students on connecting their education to their careers.