All successful working people have, at one point, lacked the experience to enter their profession and needed an opportunity to learn new skills and prove their abilities.

One of the most significant contributions you can make to an LSA students’ ability to fulfill their career aspirations is to provide them opportunities to gain work experience. Providing those initial work experiences leaves an enduring impact on their professional trajectory. Therefore, hosting a virtual internship this year is one of the most accessible ways to do that.

The LSA Opportunity Hub works with alums and employers around the world to create virtual internship positions at their organizations, from small nonprofits just getting off the ground to large corporate entities. Students contribute as social media content creators, researchers, web developers, marketing writers, and more.

How can you work with the Hub to create an opportunity for a U-M LSA student while also benefiting your organization? Start today by sharing your interest with us at—we’ll follow up and connect you to one of our dedicated alum and employer engagement professionals.

Hub staff are here to help you with the logistics of hosting an LSA student for a remote internship. Additionally, the College of LSA provides funding opportunities to students interning remotely that can help reduce financial barriers and make internships possible for all students.

Whether or not you have prior experience hiring interns, hosting a virtual internship is unchartered territory for many companies and organizations. As a result, the Hub has developed helpful resources, such as our Employer’s Guide to Hosting a Virtual Internship, that provides insights and tips for creating an impactful internship experience for an LSA student. An example of an actionable tip includes structuring your remote internship to be project-based so that students are actively engaged and have pre-outlined work that can carry them through the duration of their internship.

As always, the Hub is here to support you through the process.