Who attends grad school? 

“Anyone,” says Hub Coach Leslie Tetteh. Its flexibility is one of the things, Leslie explains, that sets graduate education apart from undergraduate education: grad school varies by field, industry, and individual—when and whether you attend is up to you. 

“There is no timeline for when you should go to grad school,” Leslie affirms. “It's very different from what people usually think about as they explore the option of applying for undergrad; there is that expectation of going right after high school. With grad schools, you'll not only be learning from people who have had previous experience in full-time professional positions but you’ll be in classes with them.”  

Leslie explains that this flexible nature of grad school is part of the reason the Hub’s upcoming 2022 Grad School Fair is so important: whatever stage of the grad school exploration process students are in, the fair is a low stakes way to learn more.

“The Grad School Fair is really vital for any LSA student,” Leslie explains. “It gives insights into what’s next after college, which can seem like a really overwhelming and a scary question to kind of answer as a soon-to-be grad. But the Grad School Fair will give students an opportunity to not only explore more of their interests, but also to dive into something new.”

On Wednesday, March 9th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. the Hub will be hosting this year’s Grad School Fair (RSVP NOW), offering students the opportunity to connect virtually with graduate representatives through the platform Career Fair Plus. 


Who will be attending? 

The 2022 Grad School fair is designed to help students get up close and personal with graduate schools from across the nation, and many from the mitten. Representatives from these institutions will be present to bring these programs to life.

Students select grad schools not only for their subject areas, but their location, student body, cost, and ‘feeling’. Gain a deeper understanding of a program by connecting one-on-one with a program representative when you register in advance of the fair.

Nearly 25 of the nation’s top schools will be attending so this is a convenient opportunity to Ask grad program reps your pressing questions and explore degree options across health, math, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, creative arts, and pre-professional programs. Representatives from out-of-state programs will be attending, including, but not limited to: Columbia, UPenn, Northwestern, and Florida A&M. Closer to home, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University and several of UM’s schools will be attending, all of them ready and eager to speak with students. 

The programs attending are not only diverse in location, but in focus. For students interested in journalism, connect with the Master’s programs at Northwestern University. For those considering education, register to meet one-on-one with the University of CIncinnati.  Want to dive into the world of public policy? Connect with George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Whatever your career interests, there is a program ready for you to explore.

Representatives won’t only speak about their programs, but offer actionable insights into the application and decision process. With years of experience, these individuals understand what makes a competitive candidate, and are ready to help students learn how to articulate  themselves most effectively. 


Why should I attend?

“This is a really great way to explore not only what graduate school is, but also if graduate education is your next best step,” says Leslie. “In a world of many next steps after college, it helps to take the time to reflect and determine if grad school is aligned with your short- and long-term career goals. And what better place to gather insights and data than at the grad school fair.”

Leslie continues: “It’s also a chance to research how to make yourself a strong applicant.”

If you are a student who is curious about or planning on attending grad school then the Grad School Fair is for you. Students of all years—especially third- and fourth-years—come to discover the options available to you so that if you do decide on pursuing graduate school, you can begin preparing. 

“Undergraduate students, especially liberal arts students, have a really cool opportunity to build out their skill sets across different subjects,” Leslie affirms. “But grad school is really the place where you can become an expert in the field that you're passionate about.”

Essentially, the Grad School Fair is a place for you to explore what could be next for you. Regardless of your major, interests, or experience, you can discover paths available to you in a new and engaging setting.


What can I do ahead of this event?

To ensure that students are getting the most out of their Grad School Fair experience, the Hub has compiled a variety of resources and workshops to leverage ahead of this event:

  • Hear about grad school from Black LSA alums. Attend the Hub’s pre Grad School Fair event: an All-Black Grad Panel on March 8th, 6:00-7:00 pm. Learn more about the grad school application process, choosing the grad program that’s right for you, and navigating the graduate learning experience at a PWI. RSVP now before spots fill up! 
  • Prepare your questions.  Whether they’re program specific or about grad school in general, the fair is a place to ask questions. Prepare your inquiries and specific asks in advance. 
  • Explore our Canvas resources. Click here to add our Canvas module to your home page and get instant, 24/7 access to a world of professional development resources. Check it out now to learn how best to prepare for the upcoming fair, and get insider tips into grad school applications.
  • Create a Career Fair Plus profile. The Grad School Fair will take place via Career Fair Plus, a platform that allows students to connect with representatives through individual and group video calls as well as create a custom profile that showcases who they are. Click here to learn more about Career Fair Plus and to start preparing your profile.
  • Meet with a Hub coach. If you want guidance on finding grad programs, developing questions for representatives, or anything else in preparation for the fairs, you can schedule a virtual coaching appointment or access virtual drop-ins to work one-on-one with a Hub coach. Click here to learn more about coaching.
  • Learn about funding opportunities and resources. Attend our Graduate School Funding Webinar with the Office of Financial Aid, Rackham Graduate School, and the University Career Center to discover funding on- and off-campus funding options.


When is the event?

The 2022 LSA Grad School Fair will take place 6:00-8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9th. RSVP NOW to get pre-event information and ultimately, to access this event.