Or is your organization interested in meeting students for recruitment purposes, both on and off campus? Then, click through to “Share your time.”

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We believe in the richness of a liberal arts and sciences education — and our trusted employers do, too. LSA students are positioned to excel in today’s competitive workforce because of the approach to learning they’re exposed to in the classroom: learning that is self-directed, experimental, and generative. This is why we collaborate with employers committed to the value of a liberal arts and sciences education so we can provide internships and jobs of all kinds where students can apply the interpersonal skills, flexibility, and analytical agility they learn on campus.

We provide an ideal environment for on campus and virtual recruitment connections. With twelve interview rooms reserved for coffee chats and interviews, the Hub’s newly renovated space was designed with recruitment in mind. If you’re interested, we would be happy to reserve a room for your company or organization. Please reach out to recruit-lsaopphub@umich.edu for more information and next steps.

Check out the helpful resources we’ve compiled below.

Internships and Jobs

Looking to have the best and brightest LSA students work for you? LSA Engage is your one stop shop. And, if you're interested in hosting a virtual internship, we have a guide for that.

Recruiting policies

If your recruiting needs fall outside the scope of liberal arts and sciences, visit Hire Blue (below) to see a list of other units on campus that could align with your recruiting needs.

Visiting Campus

For your upcoming campus visit, see below for directions and information on convienient and comfortable places to stay – we have you covered.