Political Science - 2024

Meet Ally Schultz, a political science major from Wallace, Michigan. In this video, Ally candidly reflects on the challenges she faced as a first-generation college student and shares the amount of “catch up” she felt she had to do when it came to her academic and professional development compared to her peers. 

Discover how Ally utilized the resources at the LSA Opportunity Hub, specifically the LSA Mentorship Program, to close the gap and turn the once-scary networking into a more intimate and supportive experience.

The video highlights Ally's journey of discovery and exploration: from considering an early entry into law school to, instead, finding her passion in trade policy and economic development. Learn how her mentor's guidance and the support of the Opportunity Hub not only boosted her confidence, but also led her to a role as a peer facilitator, teaching a seminar for students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

Ally's unique journey is a testament to the transformative power of the Opportunity Hub’s resources, particularly the power of networking and mentorship through platforms like LSA Connect

Explore the resources that Ally used to gain clarity about her post-graduation plans and make impactful decisions about her future: