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Transfer Students and Transfer Credit

This page contains information for transfer students, and also for UM students wishing to transfer in courses to meet prereq or major requirements. Please review the information below and contact if you have further questions. 

Transfer Students and OS Application Timing

For transfer students who have already started at UM-AA in the Winter term, the regular application deadline applies: January 15, 2024.

For transfer students transferring to UM for Fall term 2024, the OS application deadline is February 1, 2024 (same as UM Admissions Office transfer application deadline).

Transfer students must still meet OS prerequisite requirements (see Explore, Prepare, Apply section on left-hand menu).

Transfer students should contact as early as possible in their transfer process to discuss their individual situation

OS welcomes applications from transfer students, but the timing can be tricky depending on when you transfer and how many credits you have earned. It is best to contact as early as possible in your considerations of transfer to UM to get information specific to your situation.

OS is considered to be a two-year program, so students usually apply in January of their sophomore year in order to start the program in the Fall of their junior year. 

For those not yet attending UM in the January when they wish to apply to OS, special processing may be required. If you are transferring to UM with more than a year's worth of college credit (transferring as a late sophomore or junior), then you will want to submit your UM application and your OS application at approximately the same time. 

You are permitted to apply to OS even if you are not yet attending UM, and even if you have not yet heard a decision from UM, as long as both your UM application and your OS application are submitted separately by Feb 1.

  • First, notify OS that you plan to simultaneously apply to UM and to OS (starting at UM in the fall term, and wanting to start the OS program in that same first fall term at UM).

  • While both the UM application deadline and the OS application deadline are February 1, we strongly suggest that you submit your UM application and all required materials to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) in late December or early January so that an earlier decision may be made.

  • Work with your transfer institution to have an updated transcript sent to OUA just as soon as your fall grades are posted (late Dec or very early Jan).

  • OS will be in contact with OUA concerning the decision on your UM application.  We hope to have a decision from UM before the final evaluation of your OS application.

  • It is helpful to our office if you submit your OS application by the UM-student deadline of MLK Day (third Monday in January), even if you haven't heard from OUA yet, but transfers not yet on the AA campus are allowed to apply to OS as late as Feb 1.

  • You should notify OS immediately when you receive your application decision from UM so that we can update our records.

If you are not admitted to UM, your OS application will be withdrawn from consideration. If you are admitted to UM, review of your OS application will continue and a final decision will be communicated to you. If you are not admitted to OS, you may simply choose another major to pursue during your studies at UM.

Transfer Credit (UM Students or Transfer Students)

The OS Program allows students to transfer any of the prerequisite courses for the OS Program (see note below concerning AP credit). 

In addition, a maximum of two courses from other institutions (domestic or abroad) may be transferred to count toward OS major requirements. 

To determine if a course is acceptable for transfer credit, first check the UM Transfer Credit Equivlency (TCE) websites to see if the class has already been approved for transfer. 
UM Transfer Credit Equivalency (TCE) website for Michigan colleges/universities
UM Transfer Credit Equivalency (TCE) for non-Michigan colleges/universities

  • If the class is listed on the TCE list as transferring as equivalent credit (PSYCH 280, for example), and the equivalent course appears on the OS curriculum list, no additional steps are required, and the course will be added to your OS audit checklist if you are admitted to the OS Program. If the class is listed as transferring as equivalent credit, but the equivalent course does not appear on the OS curriculum list, follow the same steps as outlined below for courses listed as departmental credit.
  • If the class is listed as transferring as departmental credit (PSYCH DEPT or PSYCH 101X, for example), then the course must be evaluated by OS faculty. Send an email requesting transfer credit review to, and include the institution name, course number, course title, and course description (or syllabus if you have it). 

If the class does not appear on the TCE list, it must be evaluated by the UM credit evaluators, or by the relevant department.

  • If you are a current UM student, you may submit an evaluation request using the TCE request form 

  • If you are a transfer student not yet attending UM, you must submit the course to the relevant department for review (i.e., if it is a Sociology course, you must send it to that department first before having it evaluated for OS). Please check the relelvent department website for information on transfer credit review procedures. Once the relevant department has approved the course as either equivalent or departmental credit, follow the steps listed in the first section above.

Contact with any questions concerning this process.


  • AP/IB credit in Psych and/or Microecon is acceptable to fulfill OS prereqs. AP Econ credit will appear as ECON 101X for 2 credits on your transcript, and while this is not considered exactly equivalent to Econ 101 at UM, it is acceptable for the OS prereq. If you plan to take further courses in Econ, however, you must complete Econ 101 at UM or take an equivalent transfer course at another college or university. 
  • Exact equivalent transfer credit from another college or university is accepted to fulfill any of the OS prerequisites. If you plan to complete a prerequisite course at another institution, you should see an OS prospective student advisor and review the UM Transfer Credit Equivalency Guides (see links above).