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Who do I speak to regarding program requirements?  
OS Majors should use this online appointment calendar to schedule an appointment with an OS Advisor. Please note that it is important to schedule appointments as far in advance as possible during busy registration periods.

Once I am accepted into the Organizational Studies major, do I still need to maintain contact with my general LSA/Honors/CSP/RC advisor?
Yes, you should check with both your general advisor and the OS advisor at least once each term. The OS Advisor can help you plan and document completion of your major, and your general advisor will check all LSA general requirements you need for graduation (distribution, foreign language, etc.).

Are there any OS courses that fulfill the LSA Upper Level Writing Requirement?
Yes. ORGSTUDY 310, Formal Organizations and Environments, will fulfill the ULWR. Since all OS students are required to take ORGSTUDY 310, you should not need to search for other ULWR courses. Please be aware that you must have already completed the first-year writing requirement in order to receive credit for the ULWR requirement.

Are OS courses offered in the Spring and/or Summer terms?
You may occasionally be able to find courses on the OS curriculum list that are offered in the spring or summer, but you should be aware that offerings are very, very limited, especially for ORGSTUDY courses. If there are no appropriate OS courses available at UM for you to take, you may want to look at other institutions to see if transferable courses may be available. Lastly, if you are not able to find any way to complete OS requirements in the spring or summer, you may want to focus on completing your LSA general requirements instead.

Can I study abroad while completing the OS major?
Typically, yes.  Students are allowed to count up to two courses taken off the Ann Arbor campus toward OS major requirements.  If you are planning to study abroad, it is suggested that you talk with the OS Advisor as early as possible. 

Study abroad is typically workable for students in Spring, Summer, or Winter terms.  Study abroad is only problematic for OS students in the Fall terms of the junior and senior year.  If you are considering being off campus during a Fall term, you should see the OS Advisor as early as possible for curriculum planning.

OS does not recommend particular study abroad programs.  OS students can study abroad through UM, or through another accredited college/university, or through an independent study abroad provider.  OS students have studied abroad in many different locations all over the world.  Looking for programs that offer a strong set of social science courses is helpful if you wish to count some courses toward OS.

When you choose a study abroad program, first check with the Undergraduate Admissions Office credit evaluators to be sure your study abroad credits will be accepted at UM (this is not necessary if you be attending a UM program). After checking with the credit evaluators, follow the directions below for petitioning credit to count in your OS major, or visit the OS Portal Study Abroad tile for more details. You may also want to see your LSA advisor to determine which courses may be able to count for distribution.

Can transfer credit be used to fulfill program requirements?
Yes, transfer credit, including study abroad credit, may be used to fulfill program requirements. However, there is a limit of two transfer courses that may be used to fulfill major requirements (not including prerequisites). You must check to see whether the course is transferable to UM, and information can be obtained at the Undergraduate Admissions Office (1220 SAB). There is a helpful transfer credit website to assist you in determining whether credit will transfer. Please also be aware that a maximum of 60 transfer credits are allowed to count toward your LSA degree.

If the Admissions Office indicates that the course you plan to take is exactly equivalent to a course on our curriculum list, then you can be sure the course will fulfill your OS requirement, and you just need to give the OS Advisor a copy of the Admissions Office form. If the course transfers only as "departmental" credit, you may petition to have the course count in your OS major. See the instructions for petitioning below.

If I wish to count a particular course in my OS major, but it is not listed as part of the approved curriculum, can I petition to have it count?
Yes, you may petition to make substitutions in the curriculum.  Please refer to the Petition Instructions on the Advising page.

Once your petition is received, the course will be reviewed for inclusion in your program. This review can typically be done within a week.

How can I get advice from other students about specific courses in the OS curriculum?
To see a list of current OS students who have taken each OS course, go to the Class Advice Reference List on the Portal.  You can then email your fellow OS students to ask specific questions about the class you are considering (even if you don't know them, go ahead and email!). For general course ratings, visit the student government class advice web site.

Do I have to maintain a certain overall grade point average, or achieve certain grades in specific courses, in order to receive my LSA degree with an OS major?
In order to graduate, you must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA, and you must maintain a 2.0 major GPA. The major GPA includes all courses you are counting toward the OS major (but not the prerequisites), plus any “extra” courses you take under the ORGSTUDY heading. There is no requirement that you achieve certain grades in OS courses, only that you receive a passing grade in order to count the course in your major. Please be aware that all courses counted toward you major must be taken for a grade; P/F courses are not allowed to count toward your major.

Students completing honors project must graduate with a minimum of 3.40 gpa for both the cumulative gpa and the major gpa in order to receive an honors designation.

Can I take major courses on a Pass/Fail basis?
No. LSA policy requires that all courses counted toward your major be taken on a graded basis. The only exception to this rule is for courses in other departments offered only on a credit/no credit or a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis, which may be petitioned for OS to determine if the course can count toward OS requirements. 

Can I "double count" credits in my distribution plan and my major?
No.  Courses may not be used to fulfill both distribution (Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities, etc.) and major requirements. The only exception to this rule is if you are completing a double major. In that case, one major must stay completely free and clear of distribution, but the other may overlap.

Major classes may be “double counted” to fulfill general LSA requirements other than distribution, such as the ULWR, RE or QR requirements.

Is it possible to double major in OS and another major, or to major in OS and a minor in another area?
Yes. If you pursue a minor in addition to your OS major, you are allowed to "double count" one class toward both your major and your minor. If you pursue a double major, there is typically no limit on how many courses you may “double count,” but you need to check with the other department to determine if they place a limit on the number of courses you may overlap. LSA currently does not place a limit on the number of courses you may "double count" between two majors, and OS does not have a limit, but certain other departments might. You should contact the OS Advisor as early as possible to discuss course planning if you are considering pursuing a double major.  For dual degree students (LSA/Business, LSA/Music, LSA/SI, etc.), other restrictions may apply and you should see the OS Advisor.

Can I complete an Honors option in OS?
Yes, the Honors option requires a major research project during the senior year, supervised by a faculty member and culminating in an honors thesis. Informational material is available on the OS web site, and you should make an appointment with the OS Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your plans if you are considering pursuing the Honors option.

Is it possible to complete an OS internship?
For LSA students, the LSA Opportunity Hub is the main resource for internship information, resources, and postings, and OS majors should visit the Hub as they begin their internship search. The Career Center serves the entire university, and can also provide helpful information. Any opportunities for internships that come through the OS program will be passed on to students via email.

If you want or need credit for you internship, visit the Hub for information on ALA 225.

Is there a limit on the number of Ross Business School classes I can take?
There is no specified limit on the number of Ross classes you may take. However, there is a limit of 20 non-LSA credits that can be counted toward the 120 credits required for your LSA degree. It is important to consult with the OS Advisor and with your general LSA advisor if you have taken numerous courses outside LSA (business, music, art, etc.). Please note that preference for spaces in Ross courses is given to Ross students (BBAs and business minors).

Is there any paperwork I will need to fill out for graduation?
Yes, you must complete the "Apply to Graduate" section on Wolverine Access, and each of your major and minor departments must submit an online Major/Minor Release Form. The OS Advisor will provide complete information at the start of your senior year.  This process should be completed at least a month before the start of your final term.