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      1. Globalize your liberal arts education this summer in Dublin
      2. Intern Spotlight: Adam Seltzer
      3. What LSA students are saying about the ALA 325 course
      4. Intern Spotlight: Natalie Suh
      5. In-person, drop-in coaching is paused until further notice
      6. Our coaches are online and ready to provide virtual coaching
      7. April Alumni Connections
      8. Gain critical leadership experience as a Hub ambassador
      9. What can LSA students be doing right now to further their career goals?
      10. Virtual internships in spring and summer of 2020 are now eligible for funding
      11. May Virtual Alumni Connections
      12. Get a first look into the upcoming release of LSA’s new mentoring platform
      13. Why early career exploration really matters
      14. Alum Story: Discover how this 2009 English grad secured his first job during the housing market crash
      15. Alum Story: Find out how this LSA alum turned his ‘baseball’ career aspirations into a reality
      16. August's Employer Connections
      17. What’s ‘Happening’ virtually this Fall at the LSA Opportunity Hub
      18. Discover what LSA’s online community has been buzzing about
      19. RSVP for Fall's career-building workshops
      20. Fostering career connections from home
      21. A transformation from on-site and in-person to virtual and remote
      22. Alum Story: Hear how this LSA alum and Detroit native transformed tragedy into human achievement
      23. Alum Story: From schoolcraft to statecraft
      24. Connecting all Corners
      25. LSA Connect turns six months!
      26. Host an LSA student’s virtual internship this summer
      27. More than $350,000 awarded to LSA students as virtual internship support
      28. Are virtual internships as valuable as on-site ones? The experts weigh in with a resounding “Yes”
      29. 2021 Internship Forum
      30. Alum Story: A journey to the center of the self
      31. Student spotlight: Unlocking the mysteries of the human body—and demystifying the career exploration journey
      32. 2021 Grad School Fair
      33. Hub Industry Groups
      34. How to (net)work your way into a new career opportunity
      35. Graduating Hub intern shares that working at the Hub was more than just an internship experience
      36. More than just students: setting the Hub up for success
      37. In the “room” where it happens
      38. Applied Liberal Arts courses at the Hub
      39. Leveraging your LSA alum network as a recent graduate
      40. The road to discovery: An LSA alum looks back on how she found fulfillment in an unlikely place
      41. Three science alums, three very different career journeys
      42. Career fairs: an opportunity to explore, connect, and practice
      43. What is ‘career exploration’—and why does it matter?
      44. Three alums, three identities, three incredibly diverse career paths
      45. Internships: A way to trying on different careers for size
      46. An inside look into career coaching
      47. Where will your LSA degree take you?
      48. Waste not, want not
      49. 2022 LSA Internship Fair
      50. Making career choices with a little help from your LSA friends
      51. "Be your own advocate"
      52. 2022 Grad School Fair
      53. Take the pressure off
      54. Unlocking your next internship opportunity
      55. The Grad School Question
      56. How to Get Hired
      57. Navigating the unexpected
      58. Putting your LSA degree to work
      59. Networking: The key that unlocks career opportunities and mentoring support
      60. Dispelling common career myths
      61. Part Two: Dispelling common career myths
      62. Signing off
      63. What is Social Capital?
      64. 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Undergraduate Career
      65. 4 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health as a Student
      66. So, you’re considering a virtual internship?
      67. Navigating Internship Rejection
      68. LSA Opportunity Hub Offers Free Professional Headshots For U-M LSA Students
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