In 2013, the University of Michigan Women in Science and Engineering office established the prestigious annual Willie Hobbs Moore Awards. These awards are a testament to the University's commitment to honor faculty, staff, and students who demonstrate excellence in promoting equity in science, technology, engineering, and math. U-M WISE celebrates outstanding advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM, with four awards bestowed annually at the Willie Hobbs Moore award ceremony. The ceremony is named to honor the groundbreaking achievements of Willie Hobbs Moore, the first African American woman at Michigan to earn a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering and the first African American woman in the country to earn a Ph.D. in physics.

Cynthia Nuñez, a Physics Department Ph.D. candidate, recently won a Willie Hobbs Moore Achievement Award. This award is given to individuals whose achievements in STEM (e.g., academics, research, discovery, practice, etc.) are particularly inspirational in light of the challenges or roadblocks they have faced in their pursuit of a STEM degree and/or career.

Tim McKay, a distinguished Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, was recognized with the esteemed Cinda Sue Davis STEM Equity Leadership Award. This award is given to an inclusive leader who has, throughout their time as a member of the University of Michigan community, worked consistently to make STEM an accessible and equitable path for learners from marginalized groups who want to pursue degrees and careers in science, engineering, or math.

These annual awards honor Wolverines, who promote equity in STEM through scholarship, mentorship, innovation, or leadership.