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Atomic, Molecular & Optical

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical research at Michigan covers a broad range of topics. At the heart of this research is the quest for a more complete understanding of atoms, molecules, and the interaction of optical fields with atomic, biological, and solid-state systems. Current research in the department includes tests of fundamental symmetries; laser cooling and trapping of atoms and ions; trapping of Bose condensates in optical lattices, ultrafast laser science and spectroscopy; studies of Rydberg atoms; experimental and theoretical development of quantum information science, theoretical models of condensed matter systems simulated using optical lattice potentials; positron physics and microscopy; spectroscopy and coherent optical control of quantum dots, including applications to quantum information studies; strong matter-light coupling effects in semiconductor cavity QED systems; lasing, condensation, and quantum simulation using semiconductor polaritons; multi-dimensional coherent transient studies of biological and chemical reactions; biophysics with individual DNA strands; and biophysics of protein folding in diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The AMO Physics area has close ties to several related subfields and technologies, including astrophysics, high energy, nuclear, condensed matter, and atmospheric physics. Research connections outside the Department include the University of Michigan Applied Physics Program,Chemistry DepartmentMaterials Science DepartmentBiophysics ProgramMedical School, andElectrical Engineering and Computer Science Department in addition to the C-PHOM MRSECcenter and the CUOS center.


Paul Berman - Interaction of radiation with matter, microscopic theory, spin squeezing, quantum information
Luming Duan - Quantum information science, physics of ultracold atoms
John Schotland - Scattering theory, waves in random media, nano-scale optics, quantum optics

Tim Chupp - Fundamental symmetries
Steven Cundiff - Ultrafast optics, ultrafast spectroscopy, optical multidimensional coherent spectroscopy, Condensed Matter & Complex Systems.
Hui Deng - single and coupled solid-state quantum systems, matter-light interactions, quantum state generation, optical vortices, wide bandgap materials, Condensed Matter & Complex Systems.
R Paul Drake - High energy density
Stephen Forrest - Opotoeclectronics, semiconductors
David Gidley - Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS), porous material characterization
Rachel Goldman - Epitaxial growth for electronic, opto-electronic, and magnetic device applications
Karl Krushelnick - High-power lasers, optics, plasmas
Alex Kuzmich - Ultracold atoms, trapped ions, quantum networks, frequency metrology, tests of fundamental physics
Jens-Christian Meiners
Jennifer Ogilvie - Development and applications of ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopy, biological energy transfer, natural and artificial light-harvesting
Georg Raithel - Rydberg atoms, optical lattices, magnetic traps
Stephen Rand - Optical magnetism
Roseanne Sension - Ultrafast spectroscopy, coherent control
Vanessa Sih - Ultrafast spectroscopy, nanophotonics, solid-state physics
Duncan Steel - Coherent optical interactions, quantum properties of semiconductor heterostructures, quantum computing