Blog 1

As a group we traveled to Oxford and Cambridge, two very important areas for the advancement of science and mathematics. We explored museums that held vital scientific discoveries for the field of medicine, such as the mold that turned out to be penicillin or the water pump that led John Snow to the idea that cholera was spread through contaminated water. There is something so surreal about being in the place where all these advancements were discovered, which saved many lives years down the road.

Blog 2

As a young woman, it can feel terrifying traveling alone, especially in a foreign country. Ifound, though, that London was very safe and I did not feel uncomfortable traveling alone. While I was still cautious and observant of my surroundings, I found that being a young woman, alone, did not negatively affect my experience abroad. I actually found that I had fun traveling by myself around the city and discovering fun and interesting sites. I saw so many women doing the same, and it made me feel comfortable and confident in myself even though I was thousands of miles from home.

I was able to shop, go to the park, and explore London with and without my group, which was very nice if different people wanted to go elsewhere. I was lucky because I know in other countries and places, women may not feel comfortable to walk alone. Even in the US, I sometimes do not feel comfortable walking by myself, so it was nice being able to feel independent while still being safe.