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Recent Graduates

Bridget Smith, Spanish Major

The diversity of subject matters that I was able to study under the umbrella of my Spanish major was one of the best parts of my education at U of M. I finished my Spanish major not only with the skill of speaking a new language, but with a much larger world view!

Kirin Cromer, Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture Minor

Through my Spanish classes I not only got to learn about the language but also historical and modern-day conflicts regarding the economy, gender, race and society. I believe I have a much deeper understanding of others and appreciation for our differences.

Claire Huber, Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture Minor

Minoring in Spanish through RLL has not only allowed me to learn a new language, but also has allowed me to incorporate new perspectives into my own beliefs, connect with people on the individual level, become passionate about fighting for immigration rights and say yes to opportunities to work for social justice.

Brianne VanDyke, French and Francophone Studies Minor

I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I had to grow as both an individual and world citizen because of my participation in RLL. Studying abroad in Grenoble, France was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I can't express how much I encourage students to pursue RLL majors and minors; it will change your life for the better!

Jiahao Liu, French and Francophone Studies Minor

Outside, the world is in turbulence and conflict; inside, the sound of French songs is in harmony with my inner thoughts. Among all the troubles of daily life, my French classes are the only few things that can keep me calm and hopeful.

Jasmine Penny, French and Francophone Studies Minor

My time in RLL has been one of the most eye opening experiences at the university as I was able to study abroad and learn more about the French language and culture than I could've imagined. Also, I wouldn't have made as much progress as I did with the language if not for the amazing professors who take the extra step of care to help students better themselves and their language experience.

Seth Reinhard, French and Francophone Studies Major

My journey learning French began at Michigan as a first year in French 101. Since then, I have found myself routinely surrounded by incredible classmates and inspiring professors. From my first day at Michigan to now my last – I have felt so welcomed by the French department and am grateful for all of the enriching experiences it provided me.

Nina Pantoja, Spanish Major

Throughout my time as part of the Romance Languages and Literature department, not only have I gained skills that I will, undoubtedly, utilize in my future work in immigration law but I have met the most amazing, caring professors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Everyone from my entry level classes, to my final classes of my senior year has been nothing less than supportive, aiding me in not only times of academic struggles, but also personal ones. UM is my campus, but the MLB is my home.

Renata Terrazzan, French and Francophone Studies Minor

Having a French minor was one of the best decisions I made at U-M. It allowed me to study abroad the summer after my freshman year in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as work a summer internship in Paris, France the summer after my sophomore year. All the professors I’ve had in the French department have been incredibly supportive during my college career and I can’t imagine college without them!

Sahil Ja, Spanish Major

I am so grateful for the opportunities that RLL has brought me. I fell in love with the Spanish language here and am so excited to pursue a career that allows me to speak it everyday.

Allison Bruns, Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture Minor

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to pursue a Spanish minor while majoring in the College of Engineering. My time abroad in Granada solidified my love for the Spanish language. I hope to find ways to use my Spanish skills while working in the engineering field in the future.

Pierce Hourihane, Italian Minor

Getting an Italian minor was the best choice I made at UM. I had wanted to take Italian since high school and finally had this opportunity. I have learned so much more about life and literature than I thought I would.

Anna Barr, Spanish Major

Being a Spanish major gave me access to an alternative perspective that I was able to use to dialogue with and critique the other disciplines I studied. Discovering those feedback loops was the most intellectually enriching aspect of my undergraduate education. I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity to learn Spanish through RLL.

Andrew Gardner, French and Francophone Studies Minor

I have had a wonderful experience in the RLL department during my time at UMich. From creating a collection of French poetry and short stories to digging deep into French linguistics, my language abilities have grown immensely. Learning a language is a gift, and I am truly grateful for all I have been given. Merci pour tout!

Dani Friedman, French and Francophone Studies Minor

RLL has given me an unparalleled experience that has allowed me to get in touch with my best and truest self. This experience in RLL has taught me so much and allowed me to be aware of what is happening beyond our world and beyond France.

Angel Polzin, Spanish Major

I'm so grateful for the opportunities to take interesting and thought provoking courses that allowed me to grow confident in my Spanish speaking abilities and expand my horizons culturally. I am also extremely grateful to have met and formed connections with incredible the faculty members of the RLL department who are among the most caring and helpful mentors I've had the pleasure to learn from here at the University.