Over Thanksgiving weekend, Associate Professor Matthew Solomon presented his paper "Illusions of Scale" at The Genesis and Performativity of Mediation Conference at the Maison de la Magie, in Blois, France. In the paper, Solomon considers what magic's continuing fascination with transformations and scale might tell us about modernity's ceaseless push toward the extremes of both expansion and miniaturization. He presented his work among some of the best Méliès scholars in the world--Frank Kessler, Sabine Lenk, Anne-Marie Quévrain, Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan, and Stéphane Tralongo. Solomon comments on the experience: "It was a real treat to present my work in the presence of some of the best  Méliès scholars in the world [...] and have it be so well-received by them. [Tomorrow], I will pay a visit to Madame Méliès, the granddaughter of Georges Méliès, now age 92, the person upon whom the character Isabelle in the film HUGO is based."