If you are planning to take FTVM 310 (Screenplay I: The Feature Script) or  FTVM 311 (Writing for TV I:  The Spec Script) please note:

Winter 2014:
FTVM has put into place a new enforced pre-requisite course for FTVM Screenwriting courses. This new pre-req course, FTVM 210, is being offered for the first time in Winter 2014. Students wishing to take FTVM 310 or FTVM 311 in Winter 2014 who have not taken FTVM 366 (Fiction into Film) or FTVM 309 (Screenplay as Literature) MUST ELECT FTVM 210 concurrently with FTVM 310 or FTVM 311 in Winter 2014.

If you HAVE already taken FTVM 366 (with the topic "Fiction Into Film" ONLY) or FTVM 309,  these are acceptable pre-reqs for FTVM 310 and FTVM 311 in place of FTVM 210. If you have already taken one of these courses but find that you are not being allowed to register for FTVM 310 or 311 at registration, you should contact the  course professor (for FTVM 310 or FTVM 311) or  the FTVM office immediately about getting an override into FTVM 310 or FTVM 311.

FALL 2014 and beyond:
All students planning to take FTVM 310 or FTVM 311 after winter term 2014 MUST  take FTVM 210 as a true pre-requisite course.   This means ALL students planning to elect FTVM 310 or 311 in fall 2014 will need to take FTVM 210 THIS WINTER (2014).   Students hoping to take FTVM 310 or FTVM 311 in Winter 2015 will need to take FTVM 210 no later than Fall 2014.  

For students who eventually are allowed to declare the FTVM Screenwriting Sub-major, FTVM 210 will count as a required pre-req to the Screenwriting Sub-Major. For all other students, this course, though an enforced pre-req for FTVM 310 and FTVM 311, DOES NOT count as an elective in the FTVM Major.  It DOES count as general LSA credit.

Students interested in FTVM 309 (Screenplay as Literature)  will find that FTVM 309 is no longer being offered.  Students who were hoping to take FTVM 309 should instead enroll in FTVM 366 (Fiction Into Film), taught in fall semesters.

If you have questions, please contact the FTVM office or Jim Burnstein, FTVM's Director of Screenwriting.