1. By breaking down the traditional instructor-student hierarchy. 
In RC classes, students refer to their professors by their first names, as opposed to traditional forms such as Professor or Dr. While this may seem strange in the beginning, you will get used to it with time. And don’t worry, it’s not disrespectful--the professors prefer this system! The RC is not a place of traditional practice. Students and professors work together, passing knowledge from one to the other, learning together.


2. By creating conversation. As mentioned above, RC classes structure is far from traditional. And the format of class strays away from tradition as well. The RC puts a larger emphasis on class discussion than many other classes at the University of Michigan. While typical LSA lectures run with discussion sections, RC classes are almost entirely discussion based, meaning your voice is a critical part of your and your classmates' learning experience.


3. By removing the distance. East Quad is more than just another dorm. It holds a dining hall, classrooms, a cafe, faculty offices, art studios, a theater, and much more. Some may ask, why so much in one space? But the answer is simple. Education and creativity should not be hard to access. The RC breaks tradition again by removing the distance that lies between learning and living, by putting all the resources needed to flourish as a student in one safe, inclusive place.


   About the author

Hayden Dahlvik-Graves is a third year in the Residential College from Traverse City, MI. He is majoring in Romance Languages and Literatures alongside International Studies with a minor in Translation. Hayden enjoys listening to music, hiking, and biking around Ann Arbor. He has taken many different courses through the RC and has enjoyed every single one of them.