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RC Forums

Listen to #theRCPodcast episode from January 2020 about RC Forums: 


RC forums are student-initiated and student-run discussion groups that can be created by any RC student around a topic of interest. RC students may elect to receive up to one credit per semester for participation in a forum and these credits can count towards the four requisite RC classes for graduation. Forums may participate in community-building events, excursions, performances, and community service activities, depending on student interest. Forums are open to all students, but only RC students can receive academic credit for participation. There are usually approximately 10 active RC Forums every semester. 

Current Forums: Fall 2022

Creative Writing Forum: Creative Writing Forum is a group for any and all who are interested in writing poetry, plays, short stories, prose, or other types of literary works. Our meetings are full of wacky writing prompts, optional sharing, and a super cool group of people. No writing experience is needed. Stop by for a fun time!

RC DAP (Diversity & Politics) Forum: Are you interested in policy or law? Are you interested in debating current events with peers? Do you like learning about new worldly topics? If you answered yes to any of those questions, check out the Diversity and Politics Forum! Learn about different topics related to domestic and international policy or current events, and then have discussions about them. We welcome all viewpoints, so long as respect for one another is maintained. We also host student life story presentations to foster understanding and a close club community.

Film Forum: The Film Forum incorporates a love of film with love of community. Members come together to watch and discuss themes such as foreign language, sexuality, women’s rights, and Oscar nominees. We discuss how these themes have been manifested in our film culture today and how cinema has contributed to and changed society at a large. In the past we have studied Miyazaki’s animation, social documentaries, and viewed films such as Amelie, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Fall, and Blue Jasmine. Get ready for good friends, good movies, and great times!

Food Forum: The Food Forum educates and engages students in food production, preservation, and preparation. We can gather weekly in the East Quad kitchen to make, well, food! We tend to pick a recipe as a group the week before, then work together to make the recipe during the meeting. This is not only intended to be a fun and tasty break from the academic stress of the week, but also a chance to recover from the lack of Home Economics classes and a way to teach college students the basics of cooking. Come for the food, stay for the… food!

Health & Wellness Forum: The Health & Wellness Forum is a relaxed, fun environment centered around exploring different aspects of health and wellness. Each week we have hour-long meetings focused on a specific topic that helps us learn about how we can create better environments for ourselves and others. The concepts of health and wellness are more than the physical, and they manifest in different ways for different people. All are welcome, and we’d love to have you!

** Improv Club: Improv Club meets once a week to focus on de-stressing, relaxing, and laughing with friends through fun Improv games. There are NO performances and NO expectations of prior theatre/improv experience. We aim to create a safe & fun space to make friends and have fun with them while expressing our different perspectives and types of creativity. 

Letters Forum: The goal of this forum is to educate and foster an appreciation for the art of letter writing, as well as to help students make connections in our university and across the globe through snail mail. We will discuss the history and significance of letter writing, connect with penpals around campus and the world, do a variety of mail-related service projects, decorate mail, and learn the basics of letter writing in the 21st century. If you’ve ever wanted a penpal or enjoyed receiving mail, this forum is for you! No artistic or letter-writing experience is needed whatsoever.

** Presentation Night's Club: Ever wonder about The Birth of Waluigi? The Great Molasses Flood of 1919? How Morbius was the first movie to earn 1 Morbillion Dollars? Pop in for "Powerpoint Night Club" and learn something new every week! If there's something that's been trapped in your brain and desperate to get out, feel free to make a presentation of your own too! The sky's the limit for what you can talk about, and we're all munching our popcorn* eager to hear what you have to say!

Sex Forum: The Sex Forum offers a safe environment fostering dialogue about topics ranging from basic anatomy to sexual taboos and how sex affects culture. Our forum seeks to promote the importance of sexual health, education, and well-being in the RC community. In the past, we have put on variety shows, had movie screenings, hosted guest speakers, as well as panels on topics pertaining to sex and sexual health. If there are any questions about sex that you’ve always wanted to be answered, there has never been a more comfortable and fun space to ask.

Past & Future Forums

Forums are always changing! Past forums include: Eco Forum, Feminist Forum, Urban Forum, Service Forum, LGBTQIA+ Forum, and Dance Forum. If you are interested in starting, or reviving, a forum please reach out to the RC Student Affairs Coordinator, Taranbir Kaur at 

** Note: Forums are required to have a "test" semester as a not-for-credit club before becoming a for-credit forum. These student-led groups are no less fun and informative!