In order to withdraw from a CGIS program, students must:

  • Officially notify their CGIS advisor, in writing or by email, of their intent to withdraw from a program. It is not sufficient to withdraw an application online.
  • Withdraw from the study abroad registration or course in Wolverine Access.
  • Notify their college and/or academic (major) department.
  • Notify their on-site program provider or host institution (if applicable).

If the UM add/drop deadline has passed, students must contact their CGIS program advisor for permission to drop the study abroad registration.

Students who withdraw from a CGIS program and do not return to the University of Michigan for that term must contact their college office and follow the established procedures pertinent to their situation so that they will be allowed to register for the following term.

Travel Documentation

If a student is not able to travel to the program destination due to failure to obtain the required travel documentation (e.g. passport, visa, proof of immunizations, etc.), it will be considered a withdrawal on behalf of the student and will result in financial implications as outlined below.

Pre-Departure Requirements

If a student does not complete required tasks (for example, attending pre-departure orientation, submitting housing forms, or uploading passport information) as listed in M-Compass or instructed by CGIS staff, it will be considered a withdrawal on behalf of the student and will result in financial implications as outlined below.

Financial Implications of Withdrawal

Whether a student withdraws themself or is withdrawn from the program after having signed the participation agreement, they are still responsible for all CGIS fees (even if the withdrawal occurs prior to the start of the program). A student is able to petition under extenuating circumstances by submitting a written petition to their program advisor; the petition will be reviewed to determine if any type of refund is appropriate. For programs that charge University of Michigan tuition, students are responsible for paying UM tuition and are subject to the same UM policies for tuition payment and course withdrawal as apply to on campus courses.


Any university scholarships awarded for the intended study abroad term (including. the LSA Global Experience Scholarship) will be removed upon a student’s withdrawal from the program. Students should make themselves aware of similar policies relevant to other study abroad scholarships they may have been granted.