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Rainich Lectures

Professor Rainich is a noted scholar, and is recognized as the foremost authority in this country on the Theory of Relativity and allied subjects. Professor Rainich is a Russian by birth and an interesting story is told of an experience he had while lecturing at Columbia University. Speaking on Relativity before the faculty he quoted a number of the foremost authorities known upon the subject. One of the members of the Columbia faculty spoke up saying, "That is all very well but why don't you quote what Rabinovich has said upon this subject? "Professor Rainich was somewhat embarrassed as he replied, "Well, you see, I am Rabinovich."

The Rainich Lectures were established in 1981 by an endowment from Professor Raymond L. Wilder and his wife, Una, honoring Professor George “Yuri” Rainich, who served on our faculty for 30 years until retiring in 1956. 

Read more about George Yuri Rainich here

Distinguished mathematicians who have given these lectures are listed below.  

Date Speaker/Organization Lecture Title


April 11-13, 2023


Rahul Pandharipande, ETH Zürich

Moduli Space of Curves

Moduli Space of Abelian Varieties

Moduli Space of K3 Surfaces


October 26-28, 2021 Akshay Venkatesh, Institutue for Advanced Study

3987^{12} + 4365^{12} = 4472^{12} (almost)

Symplectic L-Functions and Their Topological Analogues

Relative Langlands Duality



March 20-22, 2018 Richard Taylor, Institute of Advanced Study

Arithmetic and locally symmetric spaces

Galois theory and locally symmetric spaces

Modularity lifting theorems in the setting of locally symmetric spaces



March 16 & 18, 2010 Terence Tao, University of California, Los Angeles    

The Proof of the Poincaré Conjecture 

Discrete Random Matrices 


January 15-17, 2008 Gang Tian, Princeton University  
October 31 - November 2, 2006 Philip Holmes, Princeton University  
2003 Nancy Kopell, Boston University   
2002 Robert McPherson, Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton  
2001 Martin Nowak, Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton  
1998 Graeme Segal, St. John's College  
1996 Jean-Pierre Serre, Collège de France  
1994 Kenneth Ribet, University of California, Berkeley  
1990 Persi Diaconis, Harvard University  
1988 Richard M. Schoen, Stanford University  
1986 Avner Freedman, Purdue University  
1982 Lipman Bers, Columbia University