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Keeler Lectures (Historical Information)

Date    Speaker    Title
Feb 2009   Jason Starr  

Rational Simple Connectedness and Serre's "Conjecture II"
Abel Maps for Fibrations over a Curve Weak Approximation and R-Equivalence

Sept 2003   Allen Knutson   Positivity, Effectivity, and Degeneration

Nov 1994


Michael Mackey


Mathematics and Biology:  How do they help each other? Why does time go one way?  A thermodynamic answer. The probabilistic description of high dimensional dynamical systems

Sept 1994


Armand Borel 


Values of zeta-functions at integers, cohomology and polylogarithms

Mar 1994


Leo Kadanoff


Complexity and Simplicity in Partial Differential Equations:  Explorations of the territory between math and physics Convective Turbulence:  Some Experiments and a Little Theory Singularity Formation and Interface Motion:  Asymptotic Analysis and Universal Behavior From Hopping to Hydrodynamics:  PDE and automata

Feb 1994


E. Quinto*


Computerized Tomography 

Oct 1993


Thomas Banchoff*


The Fourth Dimension and Interactive Computer Graphics Interactive Computer Graphics and the Fourth Dimension

Mar 1993


Charles Peskin*


Computer Simulation of Blood Flow in the Heart Fiber Architecture of a Heart Valve Leaflet

Feb 1993


Curt McMullen


Renormalization in Dynamics and Geometry

Oct 1992


Doris Schattschneider*


Visions of Symmetry:  Escher as a Mathematician Tilings by Hand and Computer 

Feb 1992


R. Devaney* 


Chaos, Fractals and Dynamics The Mathematics Behind the Mandelbrot Set

Nov 1991


Thomas Spencer 


Scaling and Localization and Density of States Area Preserving Maps with Small Noise 

Nov 1991


M. Rabin 


Randomized Algorithms; Solving Impossible Problems by Unpredictable Steps Parallel Algorithms. Proving a Truth and Nothing Else; Interactive Proofs and Cryptography Randomness in Partial Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Apr 1991


Richard Guy*


No Calculus, Please! Beanstalk and Beans Don’t Talk

Jan 1991


Jurgen Moser


Stability in Dynamical Systems

Nov 1990


Cliff Taubes 


A Biased but Brief History of Gauge Theories, Instantons 4-manifold Invariants and Mayer-Vietoris

Apr 1990


V.I. Arnold


Newton’s Principia 300 Years Later Singularities and Bifurcations 


Oct 1989


Andrew Majda


Mathematics Fluid Dynamics:  The Interaction of Nonlinear Analysis and Modern Applied Mathematics

Oct 1989


Gopal Prasad


Arithmetic of Semi-simple Groups 

Apr 1989


Benedict Gross


Representations of GL(2) and Number Theory

Nov 1988


David Jerison 


The Geometry of Harmonic Measure

Apr 1988


W. Hugh Woodin


Large Cardinals, Determinacy and Nature of Independence