On Friday, February 17, 2023, Terri Sarris' fall FTVM 403 Sketch Comedy class premiered their digital sketch show "I am going to kill you," to a full-house audience at the State Theater. 

"I am going to kill you," is an hour-long compilation of digital comedy sketches written, produced, directed, edited, shot, and performed by students in Terri Sarris' fall 2022, FTVM 403 class:  Brooklynne Bates,  Caleb PJ,  Jocelyn Brown, Daniela Castillo, Max Dominguez, Macy Goller, MJ Johnson,  Riley Kisser, Zora Kwasnik, Emma Mati, Eileen Meier, Isabel Shanahan, Anthony Short,  Maille Uyehara, Kristina Wending, Nicole Winthrop, and Ari Wright. 

Students in the course studied sketch comedy theory, form, and structure before creating original material, including both digital and multi-camera studio sketches. Alums working in comedy - Mark Cendrowski, the Sklar Brothers, Phonz Williams, Payton Halbeisen, Brendan Dewley, and Matthew Huston - visited the course in person or via Zoom to share their comedy wisdom and expertise.  

Look for more of their sketches on an upcoming YouTube channel.