FTVM's Matthew Solomon and Hubert Cohen were joined by FTVM PhD student Vincent Longo and FTVM undergraduate Sydney Simoncini in presenting a TEDtalk about their cube, “‘The Heart of Darkness’: An Annotated Digital Archive Edition" at the Hail to the Cube Symposium on November 1, 2017. 

Kathleen Dow (Archivist and Curator, Special Collections Library) collaborated on the cube "[whose] purpose was to make the historical materials behind the unmade Heart of Darkness movie available to the public by digitizing them," explains Elizabeth Lawrence of the Daily ("MCubed Symposium celebrates interdisciplinary research").

In addition the cube's interdisciplinary research model, Vincent Longo comments on the multi-generational aspect of their presentation: "Our project pushes for multi-generational and interdisciplinary learning. Having all four of us present was truly the only way to accurately represent our work. We could not be happier with the results of the presentation."  Collaborator Matthew Solomon adds, "This [project] would never ever have taken shape without the innovative funding model represented by the MCubed program. It has been a great experience collaborating with senior colleague Hugh Cohen, curator Kathleen Dow, award-winning UROP mentor Vincent Longo, and a talented group of ten undergraduate students. We all learned from each other, and the digital publication will be stronger as a result. Humanities scholars should probably collaborate more often."