James Elrod was a panelist on the roundtable, "Considering Contemporary Television's Ideological Power." Elrod's contribution entailed the global expansion of Netflix and Amazon. He talked about the ideological messiness that happens at all levels of production, exchange, and reception of transnational content. Furthermore, he raised the question about whether or not the need to incorporate the local and local ideology is perhaps undermining the ideological homogenizing impetus of capitalist expansion.

Kayti Lausch presented a position paper called "Just Restart in the Middle: The TV Reboot and the Undoing of Normative Closure" on the "Remakes and Reboots: The Value of Mining Television’s Past" roundtable. This paper explored how we can start to theorize the queer potential of revivals that attempt to rebuild the character dynamics that existed during their show's heyday, particularly Will & Grace, which dramatically altered the ending of its original run.