In order to help instructors move quickly and unexpectedly to online instruction, Ph.D. Candidate Vincent Longo and Associate Professor Matthew Solomon made a large selection of draft entries for their project, the Audiovisual Lexicon for Media Analysis, temporarily available on YouTube. The Audiovisual Lexicon is a growing library of three-minute streaming videos, each of which features a different expert recruited from cinema and media studies faculty across the world explaining a specific critical media studies term and illustrating how it can be applied to analyze selected film, television, and media examples. After only one week, videos from the Lexicon playlist have already been viewed 3,500 times -- and collectively watched for almost 90 hours in eleven countries. This web traffic has also generated 115 new subscribers for the FTVM YouTube channel. 

Please note that these are not final versions of the videos, but the contributors generously consented to making these draft versions available to assist instructors transitioning to remote instruction. When completed, the project will consist of approximately 180 entries.

This project was generously supported by LSA Technology Services (formerly LSA ISS), the Humanities Collaboratory, and the Department of Film,Television, and Media. A special thanks to the timely assistance of Lead Editor Andy Holman and Production Lead Shawn Jackson: their help was instrumental in making this project go live on such short notice.