FTVM Senior Lecturer Terri Sarris was recently invited to join the second cohort of the Bentley Group of Fellows -- composed of five faculty members from a variety of disciplines -- whose activities will commence in the Winter of 2017. The fellowship is based on a grant from the Provost's Third Century Initiatives fund to launch a project entitled, “Engaging the Archives: New Partnerships and Understandings of Teaching and Learning with Primary Sources.” The project's purpose is twofold: to connect faculty teaching courses based on primary sources with experts in the research on how to teach with such sources and archivists from the Bentley who will help design those courses for maximum student success, and to use these experiences and courses as case studies for research that will enrich the professional literature on this topic. Sarris's Winter 2017 FTVM 304 course, Experimental Film and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, will engage students in producing an exhibition during the 2017 Festival using materials from the AAFF archives at the Bentley Historical Library.