In his article "Collective Wisdom," Professor Nornes discusses the Japanese political film movement of the 1960s that "radicalised radical cinema," spearheaded by the production company Ogawa Productions and led by director Ogawa Shinsuke. From Ogawa's work with the young activists who founded Jieiso (the Independent Screening Organisation Jishu Joei Soshiki no Kai), to the documentation of the increasingly violent conflict between authorities and farmers,  to the eventual dwindling of the Collective that coincided with Ogawa's discovery of the vibrant new movement cinemas of South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and China, Nornes traces the movement's provocative political history from the screening of their first film in 1966 to Ogawa's death in 1992. 

Full article published in Sight & Sound, December 2016: 50-51.