In her New York Times Q&A "Leadership Advice from the Coach of America’s ‘Worst’ Hockey Team," writer Shawna Richer talks with John Bacon about his experiences playing and coaching high school hockey for Ann Arbor Huron -- experiences that are captured in his new book, Let Them Lead. Upon Richer's question,"Is there a movie to be made on the Ann Arbor Huron River Rats?," Bacon responds, "I’m working on a script with Jim Burnstein. He wrote D3: Mighty Ducks, Renaissance Man, Ruffian, Love and Honor. I think there's a lot of promise here. When we finish it, we’ll start shopping it around Hollywood. But it’s harder than you think. It’s haiku. It’s so, so short. You get a hundred pages. Every page has to do so much. It’s harder than a book, but more fun."