FTVM Professor Caryl Flinn recently published the article "Christopher Plummer Learns to Sing: The Torn Masculinities of Mid-Century Musicals" in The Routledge Companion to Screen Music and Sound (2017), an anthology that provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of screen music and sound studies, addressing the ways in which music and sound interact with forms of narrative media such as television, videogames, and film. The inclusive framework of "screen music and sound" allows readers to explore the intersections and connections between various types of media and music and sound, reflecting the current state of scholarship and the future of the field.

(information extracted from Routledge website). 


A diverse range of international scholars have contributed an impressive set of forty-six chapters that move from foundational knowledge to cutting edge topics that highlight new key areas. The companion is thematically organized into five cohesive areas of study.

Flinn's article appears in the section Cultural and Aesthetic Perspectives among other articles that contextualize an aesthetic approach within a wider framework of cultural knowledge.