Image credit,  Poster for film ‘Vachan,’ 1938 - livehistoryindaiacom

Assistant Professor Swapnil Rai published an article entitled "From Bombay Talkies to Khote Productions: female star switching power in bollywood production culture" in the journal Feminist Media Studies. Devika Rani, first lady of Indian cinema, spearheaded a studio and co-produced global films. Her contemporary Durga Khote was the first female star to produce ad films and venture into television production. Nargis, the star of Oscar nominated, Mother India, also produced films. While female stars have historically been central to Indian cinema’s production culture and globalization, their role within it is largely ignored. Rai's article traces the marginalized history of these stars turned producers, and the impact of class, caste and gender on their ability to succeed in a male-dominated industry.