Assistant Professor Swapnil Rai recently published the article, “'May the Force Be With You': Narendra Modi and the Celebritization of Indian Politics" in Communication, Culture & Critique (Volume 12, Issue 3, September 2019, Pages 323–339). “May the force be with you” were the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parting words as he ended his 2014 address to a rapturous crowd of Indian Americans in New York’s Madison square garden. Modi is the first PM to address the country through his own radio show, actively use social media, as well as technologies such as the 3D hologram. This article examines the ways in which Modi’s celebritized politics is strategically constructed and performed, honing in on Modi’s utilization of media, technology, and popular culture. It interrogates the processes such as the personalization of his political image through social media, the use of film stars to cultivate affect and allure by association, in constructing brand Modi.