Zora Kwasnik is a senior hailing from Lansing, Michigan. She is currently pursuing a degree in FTVM with a sub-major in screenwriting and a minor in drama through the Residential College. Zora is studying writing and film theory with hopes of pursuing a career in either feature writing or film academia. Their debut script, Deadbeat, has won a Hopwood award, the Deb Lacusta and Dan Castellaneta Award for Excellence in Comedy, and landed her a coveted spot in FTVM 427, the university’s highest level screenwriting class. 

While she has a soft spot for comedy, Zora’s true love is horror. Last year she wrote and directed a short horror-comedy, Familiar, that was screened at the Michigan Theater. During COVID she remotely directed and produced a full length radio drama adaptation of Dracula that debuted via YouTube livestream. And in during summer 2021 she interned at Raimi Productions, helping develop their newest projects, including Umma and the upcoming films 65 and Boy Kills World.

From co-founding student promotional org Accelerate Video, acting as Vice President of the RC Players student theater group, working as a script consultant for the Blank Space TV Writer's Room, performing in digital and live sketch comedy, to starring in stage plays, Zora has plenty to do in her final year at Umich.