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Thore Bergman
Biopsychology Area Chair
Professor, Psychology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
4054 East Hall 734.615.3744
Julie Boland
Professor of Psychology and Linguistics
3030 East Hall 734.764.4488
David Brang
Associate Professor of Psychology
3038 East Hall 734.764.3617
Henry Buchtel
Associate Professor Emeritus, Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology
Neuropsychology Section
2101 Commonwealth Blvd. Ste. C
Alternate Phone: 734.763.9259
Ben Dantzer
Associate Professor of Psychology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
4038 East Hall 734.615.2352
Pamela Davis-Kean
Developmental Area Chair
Professor of Psychology
Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research
2241 East Hall 734-763-0490
David Dunning
Professor of Psychology
3239 East Hall 734.763.0063
Elizabeth Duval
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry;
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
Nick Ellis
Professor Emeritus of Psychology; Professor Emeritus of Linguistics; Research Scientist, English Language Institute
Susan Gelman
Heinz Werner Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Linguistics
2040 East Hall 734.764.0268
Daniel Keating
Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics; Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research
2008 East Hall 734.764.7472
Richard Lewis
John R. Anderson Collegiate Professor of Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Science
3018 East Hall 734.763.1466
Brian Malley
Teaching Professor and Lecturer IV
1269 East Hall 734.615.7230
Kevin Miller
Professor of Psychology and Education
2042 East Hall
4116 SEB
734.615.1800 (SEB)
Lisa Molnar
Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute;
Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Psychology
125 UMTRI 734.764.5307
Robert Pachella
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
1346A East Hall 734.764.9440
Carol Persad
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry;
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Thad Polk
Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Area Chair
Samuel D. Epstein Collegiate Professor of Psychology
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
B033 East Hall, 3014 East Hall 734.647.6982
Alexandra Rosati
Associate Professor of Psychology and Anthropology
4046 East Hall 734.647.2662
Colleen Seifert
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Psychology
3042 East Hall 734.763.0210
Jacqui Smith
Professor of Psychology and Research Professor, Institute for Social Research
3444 ISR
Alt Address: 2042 East Hall
Gongjun Xu
Associate Professor, Departments of Statistics; Associate Professor of Psychology (By Courtesy)
Laura Zahodne
Associate Professor of Psychology
2251 East Hall 734.764.4098