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Registration and Grades

Questions about enrollment and registration? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Important: Students must attend classes from the beginning of the term. The department may have students dropped if they do not attend initial classes.

All sections of courses meet from the first day of classes, even if the discussion or lab section is scheduled before the first lecture. Students must attend class from the beginning of the term or risk being dropped from the class.

After the first day of classes, contact the instructor (new method below) of the enrollment section for information about registration.

Be aware that Professors CANNOT give permission to register for discussion sections that are at capacity. Only the GSI can do so.

How to Request Permission Into a Full Course

If there is a waitlist for a PSYCH course you are interested in, you should first add yourself to the waitlist, then complete the form below.

You should use this form:

1. For regular psychology lecture, seminar, or lab courses that are full and there is a waitlist for the
section you want.
2. If you are registered for one section and would like to switch into a different section that's full.

You should not use this form:

1. If there is a required application. 
2. For Psych 200, 322, or 326 (How to Find a Research Lab instructions)
3. For Psych 404, 405, 420, 421, 422, 423 (Instructions here)
4. If you have "dept" transfer credit (ex. Psych 201x) for an enforced pre-req. Instructions: Once your enrollment appointment begins, have the course and discussion number ready; then, join the Psychology Virtual Office Hours Queue (Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm). If there are no open seats, email with your UMID and the course with section number.


  • Fill out as much of the form as possible for full consideration
  • Check the Wolverine Access Class Search to see if the GSI is posted

Next Steps

Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Then:

1. Instructors will consider your request and may immediately approve or deny, or they may choose to
2. If you are granted permission, you will receive an email. Please allow up to 48 business hours for the permission to be processed in Wolverine Access. You will receive a 2nd registration email when you can officially add the class to your schedule by the expiration date. Your seat will NOT be taken once you receive the first permission email. 
3. If you are denied permission, you will receive an email. Please do not complete another electronic request.
4. If you do not receive an answer by the first day of class, you should not attend class to speak with the instructor due to COVID precautions. GSI's are the only ones who can give permission into their full discussion section. 


Reserved Seats

Some seats are reserved for Psychology, BCN, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience majors.  Please note, if you have not completed your pre-requisite coursework, or seen an advisor to officially complete the declaration process, you are not considered a Psychology, BCN, Cognitive Science, or Neuroscience major in Wolverine Access. Additionally, some seats are reserved for students of specific class standing; senior, junior, sophomore, and First-Year.

Class standing is determined by the number of credits earned toward a degree, and includes the number of credits being taken in the current term:

First-Year: fewer than 25 credits

Sophomore: 25 through 54 credits

Junior: 55 through 84 credits

Senior: 85 credits or more

Most seats reserved for declared majors will be released once registration appointments for rising Juniors have occurred.

First Year Seminars

Seats are opened gradually throughout the summer to give opportunity for registration to all first year students. These seminars CANNOT be overenrolled and  Professors CANNOT give permission. 

Independent Study Courses

All independent study courses require instructor consent. Students are responsible for locating and contacting a faculty mentor. Before registering for a 400-level letter-graded independent study course (Psych 420, 421, 422, or 423), students must complete an electronic application and upload a proposal. Once submitted, this information will be emailed to the instructor listed on the application for approval, and then approved by the SAA Committee.

Proposal instructions and online applications are available on the Independent Study Course page.

Students interested in Honors or Senior Thesis must submit an application.

Transfer Credits

If your course hasn't been reviewed by an advisor, see the Transfer Credit Equivalency Table and refer to our Transfer Policies and Procedures

If the transfer course is listed on your transcript as "Psych 101X, 201X, 301X," etc., you will need to have a Psychology Academic Advisor evaluate this course.

If meeting a pre-requisite with a transfer course which is listed as "Psych 201X, 301X" etc., contact the SAA Office once you are eligible to register (instructions below).

For Spring/Summer and Fall 2021 Course Permission Requests

Permissions will be given if:

  1. The course you wish to take has an open seat* (we cannot enter permissions if a course is closed).
  2. You have access to a computer and can use the permission immediately. 

InstructionsOnce your enrollment appointment begins, have the course and discussion number ready; then, join the Psychology Virtual Office Hours Queue (Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm). If there are no open seats, email with your UMID and the course with section number.

*If seats are reserved for declared majors and you are not declared, you must wait until seats are released to request permission to enroll.