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Subject Pool

The Psychology Subject Pools are comprised of individuals who wish to participate in research studies that are being conducted by University of Michigan faculty members and graduate students. 

The Department of Psychology maintains two Subject Pools. The Introductory Psychology Subject Pool allows undergraduate students to earn credit through their Introductory Psychology course. The Paid Subject Pool is open to all and provides the opportunity to earn money through research participation.

Please click on the Subject Pool sections below for more information.

Introductory Psychology Subject Pool

The Introductory Psychology Subject Pool allows students who are enrolled in an Introductory Psychology course to take a more active role in learning major concepts. The studies are designed and run by Psychology faculty, graduate students, and senior honors thesis students. No identifying information about participants will ever be used in connection to the results of the studies.

Student participants, researchers, and principle investigators (PI's) can access all the information needed for Subject Pool through the SharePoint website. Study participation may be accessed through Sona.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact:

Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office
1343 East Hall
Phone: (734) 764-2580

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience trouble logging into SharePoint please try using either Internet Explorer or Safari as your internet broswer.

Paid Psychology Subject Pool

The Department keeps a list of those who are interested in participating in research for pay. The information on the list is confidential. A subject (person who participates in the research project) can be anyone: an undergraduate student, graduate student, staff member, faculty member, or someone unrelated to the University.

When a researcher has a need for subjects, they review the list and call those who meet the criteria for their specific study. The researcher will also coordinate payment for participation, which will be processed through either the UM Payroll Office or Cashier's Office, depending on whether the subject is a UM employee.

You may get started with the Paid Psychology Subject Pool by creating an account here.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Psychology Administrative Office
1004 East Hall
Phone: (734) 647-4952