Warmer weather, May showers, budding trees, blooming flowers, longer days, and lighter evenings — and oh, let’s not forget allergy season. These are the quintessential signs of spring. But that’s not the only thing that’s arrived in Michigan this season: the launch of LSA Engage has hit students’ inboxes this past month, just in time for the start of the long summer break.

What is LSA Engage? As per the LSA Opportunity Hub’s website, LSA Engage is described as “an LSA student’s #1 online destination for career support at U-M” where they can access career coaching, learn more about the Hub’s collaborations with employers, sign-up for workshops on helpful career topics, RSVP to connect with alums and employers, and apply for internships and jobs. Powered by 12twenty, an edtech software company, the Hub aims to put students in the driver’s seat of their career exploration journey with access to the tools that can empower them to seek out career learning experiences that will teach them more about themselves, the working world, and their place in it.

LSA Engage is a game-changer because it puts the student into the driver's seat of their own personal discovery, career exploration, and self-authoring. We engage with students in this important work through coaching, and fostering connections to professional experiences and employers — all of which can be facilitated through the LSA Engage platform,” says Joslyn Johnson, the college’s assistant dean of student development and career initiatives.

The Hub is no stranger to platform launches. In late summer of 2020, the Hub launched the college’s career mentoring platform, LSA Connect, at a time when LSA students were homebound and forced to embrace a virtual-only reality. The timing was perfect — students were able to foster connections with experienced LSA alums from home and still take advantage of expanded mentoring opportunities. Now with LSA Engage on the scene, LSA students have the tools they need to connect the dots between their classroom education and their career interests and aspirations.

“LSA Engage and LSA Connect complete the toolkit. Through LSA Engage, liberal arts and sciences students are able to easily access resources like summer internships, full-time jobs upon graduation, and expertise of coaches — invaluable resources designed to complement their studies so they can start putting together the building blocks of their professional identity. But through LSA Connect, they can access the power of shared wisdom and plan their next steps from a community of alums online who share similar academic backgrounds, career interests, geographic locations, and social identities,” Joslyn affirms.

Employers make up the other part of the equation. If LSA Engage is an LSA student’s online hub for career support, then to employers, it’s the top online destination for hiring liberal arts and sciences students at U-M. Through this all-in-one career platform, employers can showcase their company’s career opportunities, access a pool of highly talented LSA students, curate their public profile to attract the best talent, host exclusive recruiting events, and connect directly with candidates best suited to the needs of their organization.

“Our employer collaborations are what makes LSA Engage possible. They provide the internships and job opportunities that LSA students are seeking. By joining, they can get in front of +18,000 emerging professionals in the liberal arts and sciences that are looking for reasons to come work for you.”

If you are an employer looking to hire LSA students and want to collaborate with the Hub to achieve your recruitment objectives, join LSA Engage today. The process takes no time. If you actively collaborate with the Hub but have yet to create your account, please also complete the sign up process here.

LSA Engage — Let’s unlock your next opportunity.

Note: The LSA Opportunity Network is now offline and has officially been replaced by LSA Engage.