Q: What energizes you the most about alum engagement?

Tyler: As an LSA alum myself, I feel deeply connected to our organizational mission. We create access to alums through different channels for our students, but also find ways to connect alums back to the university. I also love that the alum engagement space in particular at the Hub is really unique and innovative in the field of career services. It's not an area of work that is usually embedded into the model of supporting students in their career exploration. The Hub and LSA are on the cutting edge of creating something really impactful for students through this alum community.

On a personal level, I love that the work is all about building relationships and meeting people and hearing their stories and validating their experiences. That is the heart of what we're doing, and I really can connect with that work on a deeper level.


Q: What are some of the ways alums can engage with students at the LSA Opportunity Hub?

Tyler: The first thing we do to engage alums in the Hub is get to know them as individuals and learn about their stories. What brought you to the University of Michigan in the first place? What was some of the decision making you encountered throughout your time as a student here? And how, then, does that inform the type of impact you want to have on a current group of students on our campus?

From there we can identify if they’re best suited to mentor students through our virtual mentorship platform (LSA Connect), and/or speak at an alum connection session. It could also mean opening the door to your organization to bring more U-M students to your employer for internships or jobs. 

We value all of our alums and the experiences and the expertise that they bring to the table. This could be a recent grad who can offer the insights of having just navigated a job search process, someone who is very seasoned in their career and can offer some niche industry insight, and everywhere in between. But, it's really going to start with understanding your experience and looking for the type of impact that you want to have. 


Q: What are some impactful ways that alums have partnered with the hub in the past?

Tyler: One of the most demanding requests that we have right now is for our LSA mentorship program. It’s a really unique opportunity to be matched as an alum, one-on-one with a student for a structured mentorship and professional development experience. There's a real demand for not only wanting to access the alum network, but the opportunity to practice networking skills, and get advice in a way that is safe and understanding of the fact that not everybody's coming to the table with the same experience. 

Signing up for LSA Connect is also a great first step into the world of opportunities to connect with students. Mentorship is a huge area of opportunity to have a really tangible impact on somebody's life.


Q: For alums who have never partnered with the Hub before, what would you most like them to know about the Opportunity Hub? 

Tyler: We always talk about students and alums being on the same continuum since alums were once students. They were once making the same kinds of decisions that our students are making today. So being able to demonstrate the breadth of experiences and the breadth of journeys that our alums have taken really helps open the door for students to see what's possible.

In short, the Hub is a place that empowers LSA students to really take ownership of their career development and their professional journey. We recognize that no one student is coming in with the exact same experience, goals or ideas. The Hub is about meeting the students where they are and empowering them to see the value in their current skills.