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Multiple Dependent Degree Program (MDDP) & Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate Studies (CUGS) Program

Multiple Dependent Degree Program (MDDP) / Joint Degree / Dual Degree

Undergraduate students may earn two degrees: one from LSA and the other from another school or college on the U-M Ann Arbor campus. Any undergraduate student who wishes to consider this possibility should carefully review the requirements and policies of both schools/colleges and plan a program which meets the criteria for both. Admission to some of these programs is highly competitive, and many of these programs require specific courses for admission. It is important for students to identify program interests early in their undergraduate careers and consult with academic advisors for more information.

Dual degree programs between LSA and the following schools/colleges have been approved: Architecture, Art & Design, Business, Education, Engineering, Information, Kinesiology, Music, Theater & Dance, and Public Health. Dual degrees with Dental Hygiene or Nursing are technically allowed, but are not typically feasible. Dual degrees with schools/colleges not on this list are not allowed.


Students who wish to consider the possibility of earning dual degrees should read the requirements and policies of both schools carefully to plan a program which meets the criteria listed below. A dual degree student must:

  1. Complete one of the degree programs in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts;
  2. Complete a degree program in another approved school/college;
  3. Complete a minimum of 150 credits (128 credits for dual degree with Engineering), of which no less than 100 credits must be LSA credits (90 LSA credits for dual degree with Engineering).
  4. Apply to the Multiple Dependent Degree Program by completing the Undergraduate Dual Degree Approval Form upon consultation of both schools/colleges.

Administrative Regulations

  1. A student must be admitted to or be admissible to both schools/colleges.
  2. A student must be eligible to declare their intended LSA major at the time of application
  3. The student may register in only one school/college at a time.
  4. When applying to the MDDP, the student must choose which school/college the student wants to designate as their home unit/home school. The student is governed by the rules of that unit and the home unit maintains the primary academic record.The student may change their home unit designation only one time in their time as an undergraduate student.
  5. Prior to applying to the MDDP, a student must have completed a minimum of 30 credits on the Ann Arbor campus, and the cumulative grade point average (GPA) for work completed on the Ann Arbor campus must be 3.0 or better. (Engineering allows for a 2.7 or higher cumulative GPA; however LSA applicants may require a higher GPA as determined by their planned Engineering Major). If a student has transferred into UM, they must meet the same GPA requirements, but they can apply after completing one term at UM. Any exception to these requirements must be approved by the LSA Academic Standards Board. The other school/college may require additional evidence of ability to complete its program such as submission of a portfolio, completion of an audition, completion of specific courses, etc.
  6. To apply, a student must complete the application and submit it to the appropriate LSA advisor (if unsure, contact Newnan Advising Center: 734-764-0332). Students must have the form completed and submitted by the third-week deadline of a fall or winter term, or the second-week deadline of a spring or summer term, if the student wants the MDDP to be active for that term. Students must be enrolled in the first term of being active in MDDP.
  7. Neither school/college is obliged to approve a program simply because a student will plan 150 total credits which meet degree requirements of both schools. Some dual programs are not permitted (ex: CS-Engineering & CS-LSA or DS-LSA).
  8. Withdrawal from the MDDP is possible at any time. The student must initiate a request through their home unit.
  9. Upon completion of the requirements of both colleges, students are granted concurrent degrees. The student must earn both degrees in the same degree period. If any degree requirement for either degree is lacking, neither degree will be awarded. The student must submit a separate Graduation Application through Wolverine Access to each school/college along with any other necessary documents. (In LSA, a Major Release/Senior Audit Form is required.)
  10. Students must maintain good academic standing in both colleges to continue in the MDDP.

Additional information can be found on the Undergraduate Dual Degree Approval Form.

The Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate Studies Program

The Concurrent Undergraduate-Graduate Studies (CUGS) Program enables a few students each year to enroll simultaneously in LSA and the Rackham Graduate School and to apply a maximum of 15 credits toward both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree. Additional information can be found on the Accelerated Master's (Undergraduate-Graduate) Degree Election Form.