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PhD Alumni 2015 - 2019

2019 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Ariana Bancu

  • Dissertation: “Dynamics of language contact and language variation: the case of Transylvanian Saxon in the homeland and the diaspora”
  • Dissertation Chair: Marlyse Baptista
  • Current Position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University

Marcus Berger

  • Dissertation: “The Syntax of Bora Subject Clitics: Anaphora and Long Distance Binding"
  • Dissertation Chair: Acrisio Pires
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher, US Census Bureau

Alan Hezao Ke

David Ogden

  • Dissertation: "Processing Fluency, Perceptual Adaptation, and Language Attitudes: Does Adaptation Improve Comprehension Ease and Attitudes Toward Non-Native Speakers?"
  • Dissertation Chair: Pam Beddor

Alicia Stevers

  • Dissertation: "The said construction: usage, change, and social meaning in English and Spanish"
  • Dissertation Co-Chairs: Marlyse Baptista and Ezra Keshet
  • Current Position: Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages, San Diego State University

Stephen Tyndall

  • Dissertation: "Computational Phylogeny with Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo: The Case of Indo-European"
  • Dissertation Chair: Sarah Thomason
  • Current Position: Backend engineer, Nokia, Georgia


2018 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Hayley Heaton


2017 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Will Nediger

  • Dissertation: Unifying Structure-Building in Human Language: The Minimalist Syntax of Idioms
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Acrisio Pires
  • Current Position: Freelance crossword constructor
  • Dissertation: Phonological Contrast in Bai
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Andries Coetzee and San Duanmu
  • Current Position: Research Scientist at Seam Social Labs


2016 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Candice Scott

  • Dissertation: Tense and Aspect Markers in African American English
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Marlyse Baptista


2015 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Tridha Chatterjee

Yan Dong

  • Dissertation: The Prosody and Morphology of Elastic Words in Chinese: Annotations and Analyses
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: San Duanmu
  • Current Position/Title: Assistant Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China

Sujeewa Hettiarachchi

Harim Kwon

  • Dissertation: Cue primacy and spontaneous imitation: Is imitation phonetic or phonological?
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Pam Beddor and Andries Coetzee
  • Current Position/Title: Assistant Professor, Department of English, George Mason University

Jae-Young Shim