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PhD Alumni 2020-present

2024 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Lauretta Cheng

  • Dissertation Title: Ideology, Awareness and Sociophonetic Perception in Asian American and Canadian Speech
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Andries Coetzee and Jon Brennan



Jeonghwa Cho

  • Dissertation Title: Cross-linguistic Representation and Processing of Words, Grammatical features, and Sentences
  • Committee Chair: Jon Brennan



2023 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Danielle Burgess

  • Dissertation Title: Investigating the Source of Neg-First Biases in Typology and Acquisition
  • Committee Chair: Marlyse Baptista



Justin Craft

  • Dissertation Title: The Effect of Listener Experience and Social Expectation on Illusory Percepts
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Pam Beddor and Jon Brennan



Tzu-Yun Tung


2022 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Rawan Bonais

  • Dissertation Title: The Role of Transfer/Substrate Influence in the Development of Gulf Pidgin Arabic
  • Committee Co-chairs: Marlyse Baptista and Acrisio Pires
  • Current Position: Machine Learning Data Linguist, Amazon Web Services


Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales

  • Dissertation Title: “Truly a language of our own” A corpus-based, experimental, and variationist account of Lánnang-uè in Manila
  • Committee Co-chairs: Marlyse Baptista and Sally Thomason
  • Current Position: Assistant Professor in Applied English Linguistics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Tamarae Hildebrandt

  • Dissertation Title: The Relationship between Online and Offline Measures of Gradient Sentence Acceptability
  • Committee Chair: Jononathan Brennan




Andrew McInnerney

  • Dissertation Title: The Argument/Adjunct Distinction and the structure of prepositional phrases
  • Committee Chair: Acrisio Pires
  • Current Position: Lecturer I in Linguistics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan


Joy Peltier

  • Dissertation Title: “Little Words” in Contact and in Context: Pragmatic Markers in Kwéyòl Donmnik, English, and French
  • Committee Chair: Marlyse Baptista
  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina English Department and Linguistics Program


Moira Saltzman



Yourdanis Sedarous

  • Dissertation Title: An Experimental Study on the Syntax of English and Egyptian Arabic: A Unified Account of Bilingual Grammatical Knowledge
  • Committee Co-chairs: Marlyse Baptista and Acrisio Pires
  • Current Position: Lecturer I in Linguistics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan


Yushi Sugimoto


Kelly Wright 

  • Dissertation Title: Black Professionalism: Perception and Metalinguistic Assessment of Black American Speakers' Sociolinguistic Labor
  • Committee Chair: Pam Beddor
  • Current Position: Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech University


 Jian Zhu


2021 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Fahad Alrashed

  • Dissertation Title: “Investigation of the Distributions, Deviations, and Generalizations in Arabic Plural System"
  • Dissertation Chair: Jeffrey Heath




Chia-Wen Lo

  • Dissertation Title: “Testing low-frequency neural oscillations in sentence understanding"
  • Committee Chair: Jon Brennan
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences


Rachel Weissler

  • Dissertation Title: “Leveraging African American English Knowledge: Cognition and Multidialectal Processing”
  • Dissertation Co-Chairs: Jon Brennan and Robin Queen
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychology, Linguistics, and Black Studies, University of Oregon


2020 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Ian Calloway

  • Dissertation Title: "Perceptual Asymmetry and Sound Change: An Articulatory, Acoustic/Perceptual, and Computational Analysis"
  • Dissertation Chair: Pam Beddor
  • Current Position: Natural Language Processing / Deep Learning Engineer for ALEX - Alternative Experts


Jiseung Kim

  • Dissertation Title: "Individual differences in the production and perception of prosodic boundaries in American English"
  • Dissertation Co-Chairs: Pam Beddor and Jelena Krivokapic
  • Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta


Emily Sabo

  • Dissertation Title: “Social factors in the production, perception and processing of contact language varieties: Evidence from bilingual corpora, evaluations of perceived nativeness, and real-time processing (EEG) of Spanish-accented English"
  • Dissertation Co-chairs: Marlyse Baptista and Jonathan Brennan
  • Current Position: Mango Languages and Spanish Lecturer, University of Tennessee

Kate Sherwood

  • Dissertation Title: "The Prosodic System of Southern Bobo Madare"
  • Dissertation Chair: Jelena Krivokapic