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PhD Alumni 2000 - 2004


2004 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Evanthia Diakoumakou

  • Dissertation: Coarticulatory vowel nasalization in Modern Greek      
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Patrice Beddor        
  • Current Position/Title: Instructor at Institute of Professional Development

Jeffrey Doan                     

  • Dissertation: The degradation of ethos in adversarial contexts          
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Heath          
  • Current Position/Title:

Dushyanthi Mendis       

  • Dissertation: A corpus-based study of the use and identification of metaphor in academic speech         
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales
  • Current Position/Title: On Faculty in Department of English at University of Colombo


2003 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Bridget Anderson           

  • Dissertation: An acoustic study of Southeastern Michigan Appalachian and African American southern migrant vowel systems                 
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Lesley Milroy           
  • Current Position/Title: Associate Professor, Linguistics, Old Dominion University

Mark Arehart                    

  • Dissertation: Noun compound semantics: linguistic and general-purpose reasoning      
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Richmond Thomason                            
  • Current Position/Title: Research Scientist at Mitre Corporation

Elizabeth Axelson

  • Dissertation: A longitudinal study of intercultural discourse in a master's thesis project group   
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales             
  • Current Position/Title: Lecturer in English, ELI, University of Michigan

Annemarie Toebosch    


2002 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Dacia Dressen-Hammouda                                                 

  • Dissertation: Accounting for fieldwork in three areas of modern geology: a situated analysis of textual silence and salience
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales             
  • Current Position/Title: Research Faculty, Universite Blaise Pascal

Andrew Freeman            

  • Dissertation: In search of a koin & eacute; in San & lsquo;a & rsquo;
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Heath and Raji Rammuny    
  • Current Position/Title: Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Mclean

Rose Letsholo                   

  • Dissertation: Syntactic domains in Ikalanga                 
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Samuel Epstein       
  • Current Position/Title: Assistant Professor, University of Botswana


2001 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Joseph Pimentel             

  • Dissertation: Sociolinguistic reflections of privatization and globalization: the Arabic of Egyptian newspaper advertisements               
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: John Swales
  • Current Position/Title: Dance Caller


2000 Linguistics PhD Alumni

Judith Dyer

  • Dissertation: Language and identity in a Scottish-English community: a phonological and discoursal analysis
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Deborah Keller-Cohen and Lesley Milroy           
  • Current Position/Title: Lecturer at the English Language Institute

Hyo-Young Kim               

  • Dissertation: Flexibility of English stress                       
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: San Duanmu            
  • Current Position/Title: Associate Professor of English, Koomin University, Seoul, Korea

Mi-Ryoung Kim                

  • Dissertation: Segmental and tonal interations in English and Korean: a phonetic and phonological study
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Patrice Beddor and San Duanmu     
  • Current Position/Title: Chair, Professor of English, Dept of ESL, Korean Cyber University, Seoul

Stephanie Lindemann  

Ivelisse Martinez            

  • Dissertation: The effects of language on children's understanding of agency and causation        
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Marilyn Shatz           
  • Current Position/Title: US Deparment of Health and Human Services (2010)

Ana Ostermann               

  • Dissertation: Reifying and defying sisterhood in discourse: communities of practice at work at an all-female police station and a feminist crisis intervention center in Brazil                        
  • Dissertation Chair or Co-Chairs: Deborah Keller-Cohen                         
  • Current Position/Title: Professor, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos