Students from Dawn Hollison's SAC 304 Cinematography spend the afternoon in the FTVM studios learning how to use the Arri-S 16mm camera under the instruction of media consultant Al Young.

Robert Rayher and Oliver Thornton's FTVM 421: TV Pilots shoots a scene for "The Matriarch" at The Last Word in downtown Ann Arbor. (photo credit, Mia Flint)

Terri Sarris’ FTVM 403 Sketch Comedy class presents “Pls Hire Us,” an original 70-minute sketch comedy show, directed and recorded in front of an audience in the live multi-camera style of “Saturday Night Live.”  

Sarah Murray's Mobile Media Cultures FTVM 368 tunes in to sound to theorize mobility in contemporary digital cultures. Students welcomed Spark! podcast host Nora Young, longtime producer and host at the CBC, who skyped in for a discussion about her professional and intellectual path to radio and on her experience being a cultural intermediary.

Students in Chris McNamara's FTVM 306 experiment with different techniques and approaches to stop motion animation.

Integrating theory, history, and practice, FTVM 401: The Big House produced a feature-length documentary, shot in observational style, capturing a “day in the life” of Michigan Stadium. Markus Nornes, Terri Sarris, and visiting professor Kazuhiro Soda co-taught the class.



Students from Oliver Thornton, Edie Goldenberg, and John Chamberlin's FTVM 404 (Production for Voter Engagement) work behind the scenes to produce their second PSA, aimed to increase voter turnout and remind students about the goal of winning the Big Ten Voting Challenge.

Students in Veerendra Prasad's FTVM 210 Introduction to Screenwriting class work together to "break" their stories on whiteboards before connecting to their group's screen to write their scenes. 

Students in Terri Sarris' FTVM 290 class learn to use digital video equipment via a "scavenger hunt" in-class shooting assignment. (photo credit, Branden Bolte)

Director of Screenwriting Jim Burnstein and Production Faculty Robert Rayher join the writers, directors, actors, and crew of the FTVM 423 productions Chasing the Goat and Malignant Humor to celebrate the screenings at the Traverse City Film Festival after party.

Students in Terri Sarris' SAC 302 (TV Production I) course gain practice and experience in directing multi-camera work flows. Above, in their second directing project, students were required to adapt a process to coverage by four cameras.