In an effort to incorporate more audiovisual components into FTVM's introductory course FTVM 150 (co-taught by Matthew Solomon and Caryl Flinn), Matthew Solomon and Vincent Longo have partnered with LSA Technology Services staff to build a unique video dictionary repository explaining terms students need to learn for the course. In addition to defining key concepts, another goal of the project is to create a space where students can learn not just from the course instructors, but also from many different educators in the field of media studies. The project, called “The Audiovisual Lexicon,” will ultimately be a “diverse resource, such that, rather than one voice of expertise, there are multiple voices of expertise," explains Solomon. Solomon and Longo are excited to use some of these videos in the upcoming fall semester. For more about the project, access the full article here. 

Above text  and posted photos extracted from "Innovative Teaching Resource Promotes Audiovisual Literacy and Diversity," Innovate, No. 5, Alyssa Longo